In Free Fire, how can you acquire a free Pan skin with a killfeed message effect?


Free Fire events have become a popular way for users to receive various things for free. The producers routinely update the game with new events, and events linked to Rampage 3.0 are currently occurring in the battle royale title.

One of these is called “Earthshaker Stomp (Free),” and it allows users to get a pan skin with a killfeed effect for free.

Note: This pan skin will only become obtainable to players when the event commences in-game.

Obtaining free Pan skin in Free Fire from Rampage 3.0 event

Obtaining free Pan skin in Free Fire from Rampage 3.0 event

The “Earthshaker Stomp (Free)” event has yet to start, however it will be available on June 26th. It will last one day, and players must earn three Booyahs throughout that time.

Users that meet this condition can claim the Pan skin on June 26th by following these steps:

Step 1: After launching Free Fire, players must tap the “Calendar” icon on the right side, as shown in the illustration:

free fire

Step 2: They must then go to the “Rampage 3.0” tab and select the “Earthshaker Stomp (Free)” option.

Step 3: Users will see a “Claim” button, which they should tap to get the skin.

Getting the pan skin ready
1) From the game’s lobby screen, users must select the “Weapons” tab on the left side.

Equipping the pan skin

2) They can go to the “Melee” section and choose the appropriate skin.

3) Finally, the participants must choose the “Equip” option.

Disclaimer: This article is for beginners. While these steps may seem obvious to you, several new players often search for these “newbie” tips and tricks.

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