In Free Fire, how can you earn the Booyah Day 2021 UMP skin


In Garena Free Fire, gun skins boost both the weapon’s stats and its cosmetic appeal. Users can commonly receive these things through events or loot crates, as they are often introduced into the game.

Because Evo gun skins can be leveled up to earn advantages like exclusive emotes, fire effects, and more, they’ve become a popular favorite over time. A new one has been added to the battle royale title as part of the Booyah Day celebrations.

A guide on obtaining UMP – Booyah Day 2021 Evo gun skin in Free Fire

The skin is going to be up for grabs till 12 December (Image via Free Fire)

The Faded Wheel event, which will continue for 30 days, has introduced UMP – Booyah Day 2021 to Free Fire. Diamonds can be used to spin in order to obtain the Evo pistol skin.

The prize pool features 10 prizes, similar to all other Faded Wheel events, and players must eliminate two of them that they do not want.

Two rewards need to be removed by the players (Image via Free Fire)

They can then spin to draw the rewards from the pool once they’ve done the same.

Prize Fund

Flaming Wolf Weapon Loot CratePet Food

Voucher for Royale Weapons

Scanning the Playcard (3D)

Loot of the Warrior

UMP – Token Box for Booyah Day 1Booyah Power 1Booyah Power 1Booyah Power 1 (Token) Is it Trick or Treat? Weapon Loot Crate for Imp-Heads
Each spin’s items will be grayed out, indicating that users will earn UMP – Booyah Day 2021 after eight spins.

First spin is free in this event (Image via Free Fire)

3) As the final stage, you can begin spinning for a random item from the prize pool.

Because the first spin is free, you have a chance to get the gun skin for free.

Booyah Day 2021 in Free Fire by UMP

UMP – Booyah Day (Image via Free Fire)

The UMP – Booyah Day 2021 is the seventh Evo gun skin in Free Fire, and it can only be upgraded using the Booyah Power token. With each level gained, a new privilege is unlocked, such as New Look, Exclusive Emote, Kill Effect, and so on.

The following are the weapon’s qualities at their highest level:

“++”Rate of Fire: “+”Reload Speed: “-“Damage: “++”Rate of Fire: “+”

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