In Free Fire, learn how to use gloo walls like a pro.


Free Fire, like every other Battle Royale game, encourages players to think strategically in order to be the last individual or team standing. Winning can be a difficult endeavor because players must contend with a diminishing safe zone and opponents at close quarters.

While accuracy and skill are important factors in determining the outcome of a Free Fire match, players need also focus on having the best loadout to counter enemy attacks and strategy.

Free Fire includes a number of weapons and other things that can be used to trap opponents and gain the upper hand in battle. Gloo walls are one of the objects that might help you win in Free Fire if you use them correctly.the right way.

In Free Fire, gloo barriers can alter the outcome of a battle.

In Free Fire, the use of gloo barriers can drastically alter the outcome of battles. This item not only serves as a cover for players, but it may also be used to deceive opponents. However, in order to achieve better outcomes, players must understand how to use it appropriately in the game.

1) Use it to divert adversaries’ attention away from you.

Use gloo wall to cause enemy distraction
Use gloo wall to cause enemy distraction

When a gloo wall is deployed, it is commonly assumed that a player will be hidden beneath the coverings. This is something that almost every Free Fire player is aware of. This can be used to deceive enemies and lead them into a trap.

Gamers can construct a gloo wall and then climb out of it. They can dodge the attacker by producing a distraction in this fashion. Players can even set up a gloo wall and go to another location to take cover. Enemies will be drawn to the gloo wall, and players will be able to open fire on them from their new places.

2) Trap enemies

The glue wall can be used to trap adversaries who are hidden within any building. Unless they are brought out in the open, campers hide inside the structures and can be tough to deal with.

Players can use a few gloo walls to encircle these foes and force them to divulge their location or leave the residence. As soon as they’re out, players can assault them freely without fear of retaliation.

3) Two is better than one

Several gamers have expressed their dissatisfaction with opponents that have an altitude advantage and can easily damage players trapped behind gloo walls. While this is one of the most serious problems with gloo walls, the solution is straightforward.

Simply place numerous gloo barriers next to each other and remain in a crouch or prone position for the duration of the game. This will cause foes to be confused about the position of players, preventing them from doing damage on them.

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