In Free Fire, there are three great ways to figure out where your enemies are.


Garena’s Free Fire is one of the best mobile battle royale games available. Because of the game’s large map, it’s tough to notice adversaries. As a result, knowing where they are is a crucial component that offers players an unspoken advantage.

It helps them to flee while also increasing their chances of survival. In this article, we’ll look at the three greatest ways to find out where an adversary is in Free Fire.

How to know enemies location in Free Fire
1) Moco (Hacker’s Eye)


In the game, Moco is a popular character combo. Hacker’s Eye is a skill she possesses that allows players to track down their foes by tagging them and broadcasting their whereabouts to the entire squad.

The duration of this impact increases to five seconds at the highest level. They can use this skill to charge at adversaries, gain an advantage in battle, and so on.

For 8000 gold coins, gamers can purchase Moco from the in-game shop.

2) Clu (Tracing Steps)


Clu has a unique capacity to track foes’ movements, which can be useful in a variety of situations. Tracing Steps is an active ability that allows them to learn about their opponents.

Clu can locate enemy places not in a prone position for five seconds within 30 meters at Level 1, with a cooldown of 50 seconds. She can, however, recognize opponents for seven seconds within a 30 meter radius at the highest level.

This skill is useful on the battlefield, since it allows players to swiftly track down foes that are lurking in cover.

3) Dreki (Dragon Glare)

Dreki possesses a special ability known as “Dragon Glare.” Players may see foes utilizing medkits within a 10-meter range with this special skill, which lasts only three seconds.

The range extends to 30 meters at the maximum level and lasts for five seconds. It unlocks the special Splashy Dreki skin at level 6.

This ability aids players in obtaining rapid kills in the last safe zones.

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