In Free Fire, there are three ideal gloo wall placement strategies


When it comes to Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches in Free Fire, gloo walls are essential. Pro-players who wish to acquire a tactical advantage over other mobile gamers in survival use them.

Gloo wall grenades are primarily utilized in combat situations where one player is attempting to dominate and eliminate the other. For intense matches, the placement of gloo wall grenades is critical, and players must have a clear plan to assure their survival by utilizing gloo walls to their advantage.

In Free Fire, the best places to put a gloo wall are:
To ensure accurate placement of the gloo wall grenades in Free Fire, players can employ the following tips and tricks:

1) Hide behind the gloo wall.

Even if the gloo wall is perfectly positioned, it is insufficient to shield the exposed head. Players can crouch behind the gloo wall to avoid headshots. They can also stack one on top of the other to raise the gloo wall.

2) Deflection

Mr. Waggor and its ability (Image via Free Fire)

Players can employ gloo walls to toss their adversaries in a new direction whenever there are coverings around. After emerging from the coverings they were hiding behind, players can fire at the adversaries as they surge through the gloo wall. Free Fire players can use Mr. Waggor as a pet to ensure they don’t run out of gloo walls.

3) Make use of Beaston

Beaston and its ability (Image via Free Fire)

Beginners in Free Fire can rely on Beaston to boost the gloo wall grenade’s throw distance. The throwing distance is increased by 10% with Helping Hand. As a result, players can stand far away and still employ gloo walls to protect themselves.

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