In Free Fire, who is the most powerful hacker?


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Since PUBG Mobile was removed from the servers, Free Fire has become a popular game in India. For their live streams, a lot of streamers have moved to this Battle Royale game. Apart from streams, hackers have also flocked to this game in the hopes of effectively hacking it. Free Fire players are looking for terms like “who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire” to learn more about these hackers. To assist these players, we’ve compiled a list of all the details on Free Fire’s most notorious hacker. Continue reading

Who is the biggest hacker in Free Fire?

A number of hackers have recently experimented with the Free Fire Battle Royale. A video titled Nepali 12 Year Old Biraj is Biggest Free Fire Hacker Rumors just surfaced on the internet. The video has lately been popular among gamers, and it reveals how the player has been using his hack to kill all of his opponents in the game. Keep in mind that such tactics are against the rules of the game and are not recommended. However, it’s a little surprising to see how these hackers were able to breeze through such a difficult game.

A channel called 2STATE GAMERS has uploaded another video regarding the world’s best hacking video. They released a video of a gamer dubbed “PSteamMod” playing the game, in which he managed to acquire 46 KILL IN 1 MINUTE. Knowing the competitive nature of the game, getting so many kills in a single minute seemed to be impossible. 2state Gamer’s YouTube channel presently has 44.9 thousand subscribers. Here are the videos from Free Fire that show the hackers.

More about Free Fire update

Today, the creators of Free Fire released a new OB28 Update. The players are quite enthusiastic about it, and they may now download it to their devices. Because of this upgrade, the game’s creators have taken their servers offline in order to implement the new adjustments. Free Fire servers will be unavailable from 9:00 AM IST (+5:30 GMT) to 6:00 PM IST (+5:30 GMT) for maintenance. This means the game will be unavailable for another eight and a half hours today. They can then explore the game’s new features and improvements. Apart from that, there has been no recent news concerning Free Fire.

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