In Free Fire’s Bermuda map, there are 5 great landing spots for novices


For classic Battle Royale mode, Garena Free Fire offers four maps, with Bermuda being the most popular. Despite the fact that everyone is familiar with Bermuda’s locations and terrains, the map remains difficult to master. Forming a good strategy and implementing it in a game is undoubtedly beneficial to any team.

While strategizing for a map like Bermuda, players should bear in mind the importance of selecting a decent landing site. As a result, players, particularly beginners, should select locations where they can get a good start.

What are the finest landing sites for beginners in Free Fire’s Bermuda?

1) Cape Town

What are the finest landing sites for beginners in Free Fire’s Bermuda?

Cape Town in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)
Cape Town in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)

Cape Town is a landing site in Bermuda that is located in the far east of the map and is a rather safe location for beginners. Players can expect to find a good amount of loot, as Cape Town is littered with weapons.

Because of its position in Bermuda, the spot is also one of the least visited on the map. As a result, players in Bermuda’s Cape Town are less likely to get into a brawl.

2) Sentosa

Sentosa in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)
Sentosa in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)

Due to its geographic location on the map, Sentosa is one of the few safe spots in Bermuda. It is located in Bermuda’s south-eastern region on a small island connected to the mainland by bridges.

Sentosa has a low number of competent foes, making it a good place to start for newbies. As a result, players can take their time gathering enough riches before moving on to another safe zone area.

4) Rim Nam Village

Rim Nam Village in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)

5) Shipyard

Shipyard in Bermuda (Image via Free Fire)

Although the Shipyard is not as safe as other Free Fire places in Bermuda, there is enough of loot for the early stages of the game. Because to its location in the far north, many players overlook the Shipyard.

Along with the riches, players will find a plethora of containers and trailers in which to hide in the event that a potential threat appears.

Note: The significance and safety of landing sites are usually determined by the flight’s trajectory, which varies from match to match. Some people like hot-drops, while others stick to the tried and true. This article is written in the author’s opinion and is not in any specific order.

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