In Garena Free Fire, here are 5 tips and tactics for using Gloo Walls like a pro.


Gloo Walls can be used in a variety of ways in Free Fire. Skilled players can use this tactical item in a variety of circumstances, both defensively and offensively, due to its adaptability.

Mastering it will provide the user a significant in-game edge and allow them to easily secure a Booyah. While this may appear to be a daunting undertaking, gamers may make it easier by using tips and tactics.

Employ these tips and tricks to use Gloo Walls in Garena Free Fire

5) Have a fast reaction time while deploying Gloo Walls

In Free Fire, the goal of a Gloo Wall is to protect the player behind it from gunfire, but this can only be accomplished if it is deployed before the bullets start flying. In order to realize the value of Gloo Walls, players will need to increase their reaction time.

Players with quick reaction times will be able to set up a Gloo Wall in the thick of combat without hesitation. With the gain in reaction time, speed is also an important skill to master and execute the 360° Gloo Wall trick.

4) Placing the Gloo Wall in the right direction makes a huge difference

When attacking or defending against a rush in Free Fire, immediately erecting a Gloo Wall is critical. The importance of orienting a Gloo Wall in the appropriate direction, on the other hand, cannot be overstated.

To stay safe behind a Gloo Wall, players must understand which way it must be erected. Opponents can easily shoot from the side without even getting near if the angles are off.

3) Use Robo to boost the defensive capability of the Gloo Wall

Upgrading the Gloo Wall to a shield is one of the simplest methods to get an advantage in Free Fire. To accomplish so, gamers will need to spend a little amount of diamonds on a pet named Robo.

Robo’s “Wall Enforcement” ability provides an extra layer of defense to the Gloo Wall, similar to Chrono’s force barrier that stops bullets in their tracks. This is a great way to deal with in-game sustained fire.

2) Reach the top of buildings by using Gloo Wall

Although the maps in Free Fire are mostly accessible, certain areas, such as the tops of buildings, are not. While the players can land on them, once they jump off, there is no coming back.

Players can access to these difficult-to-reach locations with careful planning and a few Gloo Walls. While most players do it for enjoyment, it can also be employed to gain a tactical advantage during a game.

1) Don’t waste Gloo Walls if they are in short supply

When employing Gloo Wall in Free Fire, one of the most important things to remember is not to waste them if they are scarce. Players tend to utilize them faster than they can find them, despite the fact that they can usually be located all over the map.

Switching from natural cover to natural is an excellent technique to successfully preserve gloo walls and save them for when they’re most needed. During the contest, players can also employ Mr Waggor’s “Smooth Gloo” ability to replenish Gloo Wall.

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