In Garena Free Fire, here are the top five tips for using gloo walls like a pro


Gloo walls are one of the game’s most important utility items, with the potential to drastically alter the game’s outcome. When used correctly, players might acquire the upper hand in gunfights and emerge triumphant.

Many of the newer players, on the other hand, are unaware of how to best employ these explosives. As a result, individuals hunt for strategies or ideas to help them better themselves. Here are five suggestions for players to consider.

The 360° method will assist you in using gloo walls like a pro in Free Fire (and 4 more tips)

5) Opponents must be blocked.

Gloo walls can be used to keep opponents in place and prevent them from fleeing while players are fighting in tight spaces. They can also be used to prevent them from moving.

Players will have a brief window of opportunity to heal or hurl explosives at their opponent if they do so.

4) Making use of them to resurrect teammates

While playing Clash Squad mode, duo, or squad battles in Battle Royale, players can use gloo walls to resurrect a teammate who has been knocked out.

In Free Fire, losing a member can have a significant impact on a squad. This utility, when used correctly, can provide cover while also reviving and bringing comrades back into fight.

3) Rotate them while using them.

It’s a good idea to set up gloo walls if you’re going to rotate in an open area. This could be significant because they can act as cover if there are any enemies around.

Furthermore, the angle of placement may be important, and players should be aware that placing them in the wrong direction may result in hostile fire.

2) In gunfights at close range

In addition to the use of proper weaponry, close-range combat generally necessitates a wide range of skills. Users may use gloo wall grenades to gain the upper hand over their opponents in Free Fire in these situations.

Players can use these to buy themselves some time to focus on things like reloading, replenishing health, and so forth.

1) The 360-degree maneuver

The main purpose of the 360° gloo wall trick is for the user to swiftly surround himself with gloo walls. It could help players in a variety of situations, such as reviving friends or avoiding enemies.

However, this is a difficult endeavor that would necessitate a great deal of experience and work in Free Fire.

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