In Garena Free Fire, here’s how to finish the Road To New Dawn event.


The Garena Free Fire Rampage 3.0 event is still going strong. As part of the Rampage event, Free Fire has just launched a new’sub-event’ called the Road to New Dawn. Players must complete a series of missions as part of the Road to New Dawn event. They will receive a reward for completing each quest.

Missions in Garena Free Fire: Road To New Dawn
The Road to New Dawn event focuses on enlisting the help of Facebook friends. All of its missions revolve around enlisting the help of others. However, save for the final task, players can just play games to fulfill all of the missions. It’s worth noting that each UID can only invite one other account at a time.

1 person to recruit or 4 games to play – Gold Royale Voucher
Weapon Royale Voucher – Mission 2: Recruit 2 individuals or play 8 games –

Recruit 4 people or play 15 games in Mission 3 – Jeep Stormbringer

Recruit 6 people for Mission 4 – Diamond Royale Voucher

Dates for Garena Free Fire: Road To New Dawn
The Road to New Dawn begins today and will continue through June 27. This means that players only have a few days to finish the objectives and receive all of the available rewards.

The Rampage 3.0 event began on June 6 and will continue throughout the month. As part of Rampage 3.0, Garena has already scheduled a few more events. These can be found on the Calendar of Events. Garena is giving away a free hotel card to all players on June 18. All they had to do on that particular day was check in and play a game with their pals. Users can construct a custom room where they can play a match with their friends using a room card. This could be done single, in pairs, or in a squad. The user will have complete control over the match type.

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