In Garena Free Fire, how can you acquire legendary emotes like ‘Make It Rain’?


Free Fire offers a broad variety of products, however emotes are the most popular. They’re arranged by rarity, with the Legendary ones getting the most attention.

Make It Rain is one of the most popular emotes in the game, and it was first introduced in 2020, following the Money Heist collaboration. It made a comeback lately with the Heist Royale event, which ended on December 8th.
Free Fire: How to Get Legendary Emotes Like ‘Make It Rain’Endless Bullets: How to Get Legendary Emotes Like ‘Make It Rain’

The Faded Wheel offers this Legendary emote (Image via Free Fire)

The Legendary emote is available to players via one of the ongoing Faded Wheels. However, it will be ending very soon.

Gamers have to remove two prizes they dislike from the pool. Later, they can go ahead and spin the wheel using diamonds.

Every reward they receive gets grayed out, meaning that they are guaranteed to receive the grand prize within a total of 8 spins.

1) After opening Free Fire, press the “Luck Royale” icon on the left side of the lobby screen.

2) Next, tap on the “Faded Wheel” icon, representing the Woodpecker – Red Robster skin.

Gamers can remove the two rewards they do not want

3) They can then discard the two unwanted rewards and spin the wheel for a chance to win the gun skin and emote.

DJ of the Year

This Legendary emote costs 599 diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

Another Legendary emote currently available in Free Fire is Top DJ. Users can purchase it for 599 gems from the in-game store.

Follow these steps if you want to spend your in-game currency on the Top DJ emote:

1) Go to the Free Fire in-game store and select the “Collection” area.

2) After that, players should press the icon that looks like a “Emote.” The list of emotes that can be obtained will show.

3) To obtain “Top DJ,” select it and complete the payment.

Aside from that, there are a variety of different emotes to choose from. Users are also advised to wait for the Emote Party event, which offers a variety of options at a lesser cost.

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