In Garena, how do you get free diamonds? Free Fire: Apps to Try and Alternative Methods


Free Fire features a variety of enticing cosmetic products that pique users’ interest in purchasing them because of their visual worth. Furthermore, a variety of goods tip the scales in favor of users, thereby increasing the value of diamonds.

Because paying in-game cash is not always possible, players frequently look for other ways to get diamonds for free. Instead of using mods or hacks, players could use apps like Google Opinion Rewards, Booyah, and others to win Free Fire diamonds.

The most effective methods for obtaining free Fire diamonds Opinion Rewards on Google

Many members of the Free Fire community take advantage of it to obtain free diamonds. Despite the fact that it takes some time and work, it is one of the most reliable ways available to players.

It’s a survey tool that gives users Google Play Credit in exchange for completing quick and simple questionnaires. To do a straight top-up, users must accumulate enough credits. Even better, wait for a Special Airdrop, which may provide fantastic offers at a quarter of the normal top-up price.

Special airdrop provides a better deal (Image via Free Fire)

The image above shows an offer for INR 30 that includes the Moco character and 100 diamonds, which would normally cost over INR 80 in Free Fire’s in-game top-up center.

Users must first install Google Opinion Rewards and create a profile in order to earn credits.

Step 2: They will then receive surveys, which they will be awarded with Google Play credits for completing.

The frequency of surveys and the prizes, on the other hand, will vary based on the users.

Step 3: Players can use these credits to pay for an in-app purchase with these credits.

Garena introduced Booyah in 2020 as an application dedicated solely to gaming videos. The developers offer a variety of events, such as watch and win, watch time, and more, where users can win not only in-game currency but also a variety of other products.
Many of the activities also require participants to contribute their video footage. They must link their Free Fire account to the app to be eligible for the prizes.

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