In Grand Theft Auto 5, there are five characters who are underutilized.


Some of the characters in GTA 5’s tale could have benefited from a bit more characterization.

While the gameplay is fantastic and there are a few memorable plot moments, GTA 5 underutilizes several characters. These can range from a poor opponent selection to a supporting character that rarely appears.

There isn’t much to savor when you’re merely eating a shred of meat on a bone.

GTA 5 would have benefited greatly from better writing for these characters. As things are, they’re narrative stumbling blocks for the primary characters.

These characters should’ve done a lot more in the main game, and now all they’re left with is a lot of untapped potential.

Five characters from GTA 5 that weren’t utilized properly

#5 – Tracey De Santa

Michael De Santa has to deal with his chaotic family on a daily basis. He’d rather go back to prison than deal with his cheating wife, slacker son, and obnoxious daughter.

He had to reestablish his ties with them over the course of the GTA 5 plot.

Tracey, unfortunately, gets the short end of the development stick. Some GTA fans are angry that she has been reduced to a glorified minor figure.

While gamers can socialize with Amanda and Jimmy, Tracey is not one of them.

Tracey does have a few missions where she shines, but they are few and far between. She should’ve been available for GTA 5 protagonists’ friendship activities, especially with her father. Her effervescent nature ensured that none of the exchanges were dull.

#4 – Denise Clinton

Franklin’s aunt isn’t exactly a popular figure. She irritates not only GTA players, but Franklin as well, with her new age philosophies. When they live together, they hardly get along. She even thinks her sister made a mistake when she gave birth to him.

Her storyline role, though, should have had a stronger finale. She forbids Franklin from returning to his old residence once he has moved into a mansion (despite him being a co-owner).

Despite her dubious mentality, she transforms it into a center for female empowerment.

Her screentime is limited, as it is for the majority of Franklin’s supporting cast members (apart from Lamar). Denise is merely present; her contributions are minor, as she primarily provides as humorous relief.

Take her out of the plot, and nothing about Franklin changes.

#3 – Stretch

One of the most serious flaws in the GTA 5 plot is the lack of well-developed villains. The most of them don’t receive much screen time, and those who do (Steve Haines and Devin Weston) aren’t particularly compelling.

Stretch, like Ryder and CJ from San Andreas, is definitely designed to be a competitor figure to Franklin. Stretch, on the other hand, only appears in a few missions.

Off-screen phone calls accounted for half of his appearances.

Stretch is no more than an unidentified NPC in GTA, therefore players can’t get emotionally immersed in his journey. His interactions with Franklin and Lamar are amusing, so he has all the makings of a good character.

#2 – Wei Cheng

The Triad commander has the same creative challenges as Stretch. Wei Cheng receives more phone calls after missions than he does personal appearances. In actuality, he only appears in the game twice: in Fresh Meat and The Third Way.

He’s supposed to be Trevor’s main adversary, although he’s never seen.

There are more personal stakes with the Triad boss, at the very least. He tried several times to kill the characters, including sending Michael to a meat grinder.

He, on the other hand, lacks a compelling personality – he’s ruthlessly vicious and nothing more. As a result, he’s not very noteworthy.

Trevor has to cope with the Los Santos Triads, who are a constant presence in the area. Wei Cheng, on the other hand, hasn’t progressed as much as his kid, who spends more time on GTA Online.

#1 – Floyd Hebert

As Floyd Hebert discovers, the Grand Theft Auto universe is a brutal place for good people. His most serious offense was stealing a pencil in elementary school. Despite this, he is treated as if he were a piece of rubbish by everyone around him.

This includes Floyd’s unsupportive wife Debra, who is a cheater.

Trevor kills Floyd (along with Debra) off-screen after a few missions. His character served no purpose other than to provide a safe haven for GTA players.

Trevor progressively corrupting Floyd till he became a depraved doppelganger was one option Rockstar could’ve explored. Whether Trevor would be obliged to kill him or not is a different story.

However, it would’ve been an interesting dynamic between the two, especially if Floyd adopted Trevor’s mannerisms.

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