In Grand Theft Auto III, there are five iconic locales.


It is said that “home is where the heart is.” Liberty City has a unique place in the hearts of old-school GTA players.

For those who haven’t played the GTA series yet, this will most likely be their first stop. For these first-timers, several memories were produced, such as blowing up someone’s car or running over a person. Several locales, including the first-ever safehouse in the current series, left an indelible effect on them.

Players of Grand Theft Auto will recall the wreaking havoc they left in their wake fondly. It wasn’t like that in real life, and there was no GTA 3 at the time.

Liberty City was a classic open-world game that has lasted the test of time. As a result of this, thes

Liberty City was a classic open-world game that has lasted the test of time. As a result, these destinations will be remembered for a long time.

Five of the most recognizable areas in GTA 3

5) Portland Safehouse

The Portland Safehouse

The Portland safehouse holds the distinction of being one of the most well-known in GTA history. Although it is a basic living place, it is more than adequate for Claude and the GTA player. It’s where he hides out after eluding the cops and the cartel.

In terms of the physical site, there isn’t much to say. Its commonplace characteristics, on the other hand, are what make it helpful in the context of illicit activity. Snooping around here would not be frowned upon.

GTA players will save their progress at the Portland Safehouse on a regular basis.

4) 8-Ball Autos in Portland

8-Ball Autos

8-Ball Autos is another famous location. Players of GTA 3 will recall a rather uncommon feature in which they could place bombs in their automobiles. If someone tries to get into the automobile, it will immediately explode, which is useful for GTA 3’s essential assassination missions.

In the Portland region, there are various interesting sites of interest, including broken school buses and a nearby tramp tunnel. Molotov cocktails are carried by some of them.

They are the subject of various questions, including whether or not they were members of Darkel’s gang prior to his deportation.

3) Saint Mark’s

Saint Mark
Saint Mark’s

In GTA 3, Rockstar Games enjoys its mafia elements. Various crime families operate this Italian-inspired district, which also includes a local restaurant.

Mike Lips Last Lunch is a notable GTA 3 mission in which players set up a death trap for an unsuspecting victim.

If they’ve played San Andreas before, they’ll remember this location: CJ has been dispatched here by Salvatore Leone to take care of some business. Saint Mark’s Bistro is one of the game’s more popular missions, as it allows GTA players to revisit a former location.

Saint Marks is currently one of the few locations to appear in numerous GTA games. That alone makes it noteworthy, given that the majority of the franchise’s games are limited to a single setting (like Los Santos in GTA 5).

2) Callahan Bridge

Callahan Bridge (Image via GTA Wiki)
Callahan Bridge

For GTA 3 players, this is where it all starts. In the game’s first cutscene, Claude is picked up by a police caravan and transported to Portland. The Colombian Cartel, on the other hand, lays a bomb on the bridge, destroying it. As he makes his way to a hideout, Claude nearly escapes with his life.

The broken-down bridge initially prevents players from exploring the nearby islands. The rebuilding efforts will pay off once the Portland missions are completed, and Claude will be able to cross the bridge.

Callahan Bridge indicates a desire for many GTA gamers to observe their surroundings. The bridge does not prevent players from completing a stunt jump to the other side even when it is shattered.

When Last Requests is completed, players will be able to visit Staunton Island for the first time.

1) Cochrane Dam

Cochrane Dam (Image via GTA Wiki)
Cochrane Dam

This is where GTA 3’s final fight takes place. In Shoreside Vale, the Cochrane Dam is a massive power plant. Before they settle their score, Claude and the primary enemy Catalina face off in an epic battle.

The Exchange is the third and final storyline task in Grand Theft Auto 3. Players must put their abilities to the test here. They must not only contend with formidable adversaries with shotguns, but also detonate a rocket launcher atop a chopper. It’s challenging, but it’s well worth the effort.

GTA players will receive a million dollar bounty and a Rhino tank spawn once Catalina is completed. The Cochrane Dam provides the ideal backdrop for reminiscing about the player’s time with the game.

At the very top of the dam, players will be greeted with a stunning view of Shoreside Vale.

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