In July 2021, Mr Ali’s Free Fire ID, stats, monthly earnings, and other information will be available.


Mohamed Ali is a well-known figure in the Free Fire movement, and his YouTube channel, Mr Ali YT, is well-known. He also works for MCES Africa as a professional player and influencer.

In terms of content development, his channel has a tremendous subscriber base of 1.24 million people and has had over 91 million views. He’s received 661K views in the previous 30 days.

Mr Ali’s Fire ID and Stats for Free

47218299 is his Free Fire ID. Mr Ali’s statistics as of July 5th, 2021 are as follows:

Lifetime stats

All-time stats
All-time stats

Mr Ali has participated in 15681 squad matches, winning 2482 of them, for a win percentage of 15.82 percent. He has 48084 frags, giving him a K/D ratio of 3.64.

The prominent YouTuber has played 1674 duo games and defeated his opponents on 246 occasions, resulting in a 14.69 percent win percentage. He has a K/D ratio of 3.01 with 4305 kills.

The internet sensation has played 3637 solo matches and won 376 of them, resulting in a victory percentage of 10.33 percent. He has defeated 7760 opponents while maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.38.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

In 39 rated squad games, the content author has 10 Booyahs, resulting in a win rate of 25.64 percent. He’s racked up 226 kills in the process, with a K/D ratio of 7.79.

Furthermore, the streamer has appeared in one solo match and has eight frags with an 8 K/D ratio.

Note: The statistics used in this article were gathered at the time of publication. As the YouTuber continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire, they may change.

His earnings

The estimations of his earnings as per Social Blade
The estimations of his earnings as per Social Blade

Mr Ali earns from $165 to $2.6K per month from his YouTube channel, according to Social Blade. His yearly earnings are projected to be between $2K and $31.7K.

His YouTube channel

Mr Ali began creating Free Fire-related content in March of this year, as seen by the oldest video on the channel. Since then, he has published a total of 208 videos.

The players will be directed to Mr Ali’s YouTube account via this link.

Social media handles

Mr Ali is active on Instagram, and players can visit his profile by clicking this link.

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