In June 2021, here are the top 5 free Fire pets to pair with Skyler.


Garena Free Fire has a diverse cast of characters and pets, each with their own special abilities. These abilities provide the players on the ground an advantage.

Skyler is one of Free Fire’s most powerful characters. Riptide Rhythm is an active skill that allows players to break the gloo walls within a set range. Skyler also increases the player’s HP when he deploys gloo walls.

When Skyler uses this skill in conjunction with a suitable pet, he becomes unstoppable on the ground. As a result, this post will go through some of the greatest pets that players may team with Skyler to boost his ground efficiency.

Best Free Fire pets for Skyler
1) Rockie

Stay Chill is a skill that Rockie has. At Rockie’s default level 1, this ability reduces the cooldown period of Skyler’s equipped active skill by 6%.

Skyler’s active skill cooldown duration will be reduced by 15% after obtaining pet level 7 and skill level 3. Skyler may now use his abilities more frequently and with a considerably shorter CD (cooldown) period.

2) Robo


Skyler’s ability complements Robo’s skill, Wall Enforcement. The pet’s ability offers a shield and an additional 60 HP to the deployed gloo wall. As a result, deploying a gloo wall raises the player’s HP while also increasing the gloo wall’s resilience. Robo adds to his defense by erecting a shield in front of the gloo wall.

3) Detective Panda

A pet for aggressive players is Detective Panda. Panda can help Skyler acquire an HP advantage, as he is one of the greatest choices for aggressive players. Panda’s Blessings, Detective Panda’s ability, heals 4 HP for each kill made by the player at level 1.

At skill level 3 (maximum level), Panda restores 10 HP upon each kill.

4) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor


Mr. Waggor’s talent is Smooth Gloo. At the primary level, if a player does not have any gloo wall grenades, one will be created every two minutes (Level 1).

Mr. Waggor, at skill level 3, can make one every 100 seconds if a player has less than two gloo wall grenades. Skyler gains from this skill because it provides him with an endless supply of Gloo Walls.

5) Poring


Poring possesses the ability known as Stitch and Patch. The pet adds one helmet and shield durability every three seconds. It also protects level 1 armor and helmets from destruction and increases armor durability.

The pet’s capability rises by one helmet and vest each second as it maximizes. It also helps to protect armor level 3 from damage.

Disclaimer: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer’s opinion.

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