In June 2021, Pokemon GO will release Galvantula raid counters and vulnerabilities.


Being one of Pokemon GO’s current Tier 3 raid bosses, Galvantula joins Medicham, Poliwrath, and Breloom as mid-level opponents trainers can take on in gym raids.

Galvantula is a fascinating Bug/Electric-type Pokemon with only two elemental weaknesses in Pokemon GO. With the exception of Fire and Rock assaults, all move types deal normal or reduced damage. Trainers who want to fast deplete Galvantula’s health in raids should use the Fire and Rock attacks’ exceptionally powerful damage bonuses. Fortunately, there are a lot of Pokemon who can use these moves, but there are a handful that are very good at it.

Pokemon GO: Top choices to counter Galvantula

Image via The Pokemon Company

Because Rock and Fire moves are the most effective at quickly depleting Galvantula’s HP, it’s only natural that Rock and Fire-type Pokemon should excel in these positions. However, there are many Pokemon who do not fit the kinds of those moves but can still use them. Furthermore, some Pokemon’s attacks are so devastating that even their non-super effective damage can be devastating.

Compiling a list of all of those Pokemon is difficult, as the list is subject to change as Niantic changes Pokemon GO. However, as of June 2021, these Pokemon are excellent Galvantula counters:

Mega Charizard is a kind of Charizard. YM XReshiram ega Charizard Chandelure Mega HoundoomDarmanitanHeatranMoltresMega HoundoomDarmanitanHeatranMoltresMega HoundoomD (beware any Electric-type attacks from Galvantula, as Moltres is part Flying-type)BlazikenRampardos Terrakion VictiniInfernapeCharizard Mega Gengar (has no type advantage but does a lot of damage) Flareon Typhlosion Oh, my goodness! (as a partial Flying-type, watch out for Electric-type moves) Salamence Arcanine PyroarMagmortar TyranitarIncarnate Landorus OmastarGolem Gigalith AggronAlolan

This list is by no means comprehensive, since many other Pokemon may also deal significant damage and perform well against Galvantula, but it will give Pokemon GO trainers a good place to start when putting together their battle teams.

Players should try the following excellent moves on Galvantula:

Quick movements

Spin the Fire (Fire-type) Fang of Fire (Fire-type) reprimand (Rock-type) Incendiary (Fire-type) Ember is a fictional character (Fire-type) Throwing Rocks (Rock-type)

Charged actions

Burning Blast (Fire-type) Excessive heat (Fire-type) Blast of Fire (Fire-type) A flamethrower is a weapon that can be used to (Fire-type) Wrecker of the Rocks (Rock-type) (Only for the Rhyperior) Burning Blast (Fire-type) Sliding Rocks (Rock-type) V-Create (Fire) is a type of V-Create (Victini only)

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