In June 2021, which game is better for low-end Android devices: Free Fire or Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?


In 2021, two of the most popular mobile battle royale games in India are Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Free Fire was the most downloaded battle royale game in 2020, and its massive user base helped it attain global notoriety.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a spin-off of the popular PUBG Mobile battle royale game. With the release of the Early Access edition on the Google Play Store on June 17th, it swept the internet. During the beta test phase, though, fans began comparing Battlegrounds Mobile India’s performance.

When comparing Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India, the first thing to consider is the size of the installation.

#1 – Installation size

Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India have nearly same installation sizes. The files are 710 MB and 721 MB, respectively. However, depending on the device, this changes slightly.

Free Fire’s overall size may exceed 1.2 GB when additional maps and modes are installed.

BGMI’s initial download size is 721 MB. The additional resource packs can then be installed, which can require up to 6 GB of storage depending on the options selected.

2 – Device specifications

On the Google Play Store, these games have nearly identical hardware requirements.

Mobile Battlegrounds India

According to the Google Play Store:

“The recommended system requirements for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA are Android 5.1.1 or higher and at least 2 GB RAM memory.”
Android 5.1.1 or higher is required.
2 GB of RAM (Recommended 3 GB).
Snapdragon 600 comparable or higher processor.
Size of the download: 721 MB (varies on device).
Fire is unrestricted

The file size is 710 MB.

Android 4.0.3 is the operating system.

1 GB of RAM (Recommended – 2 GB).

Mediatek MT6737M quad-core processor. #3 – Graphics

Free Fire has middling graphics and less detailed textures, but it runs smoothly and without noticeable lag.

The graphics in Battlegrounds Mobile India are identical to those in PUBG Mobile. On high-end systems, the game can also be played in UHD (Ultra-High Definition) visuals with high frame rates (up to 90 FPS).

Which one will outperform the other?

Players can install Battlegrounds Mobile India on their device, but they may have considerable latency and stutter issues due to the game’s compatibility with 2 GB RAM devices.

On low-end devices, Free Fire provides lag-free performance. As a result, it will work more smoothly on low-end Android smartphones.

Disclaimer: This post is written from the author’s perspective. It is up to the individual to decide the game to play based on the specifications of their gadget.

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