In Minecraft 1.17, do Axolotls eat fish? Everything you need to know


Axolotls are one of Minecraft’s newest mob additions in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, and they are not only cute but also reliable aquatic companions.

Players who want to breed a couple Axolotls they’ve successfully tamed must first provide them with a good snack. At the moment, conventional fish are insufficient for an Axolotl, who need tropical fish in a bucket. The reason for this, according to Mojang devs, is that real-life Axolotls prefer live prey, and bucketed tropical fish in Minecraft reflect this because they are still very much alive. So, if Minecraft players want to breed Axolotls or hasten the growth of their offspring, they’ll need to acquire some tropical fish.

Minecraft: Finding tropical fish for Axolotls

Image via Mojang

The good news for Minecraft players looking for fish is that they spawn around the player’s current location. Tropical fish spawn in groups of eight between 24 and 64 blocks distant from the player in Minecraft: Java Edition, and may be found in both warm and deep ocean biomes. The fish in the Bedrock Edition will spawn 12 to 32 blocks away from the player in groups of three to five fish or one to three fish. Another distinction between the Bedrock Edition and the Java Edition is that tropical fish reproduce on the ocean’s surface rather than underwater.

Axolotls, fortunately, aren’t finicky about the type of tropical fish they eat from a bucket. This is significant since the variety of tropical fish is enormous. When players find their school of tropical fish, all they have to do is use a bucket to catch them. This will deposit a tropical fish in the bucket, which will remain alive until it is time for the Axolotl to eat.

Axolotls begin reproducing as soon as they are offered their tropical delights. After spawning a baby Axolotl, the player will gain one to seven experience points. The parent Axolotls who gave birth to the infant will be unable to breed for five minutes in Java Edition and one minute in Bedrock Edition. The Axolotl will spawn in a specific color based on the game’s RNG. If players are lucky, they may even be able to breed a blue Axolotl, which has a 1/1200 chance of happening. The infants will mature into adults in 20 minutes, but Minecraft users who want to speed up the process can feed them tropical fish as well.

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