In Minecraft, here are the top 5 easy house designs for survival.


Most survival Minecraft players aren’t interested in creating a big mega fortress like those seen on YouTube or Twitch. Many people simply want a compact, cozy home that doesn’t take hours to construct. Fortunately, numerous Minecraft players have published their plans for little houses that look wonderful.

Building a base takes time, and many survival Minecraft players prefer to spend their time doing things like defeating the Ender Dragon or Wither. These players will be able to keep their expensive stuff while also having an aesthetically beautiful base of operations if they choose one of the simple house designs described below.

In Minecraft’s survival mode, there are five simple house styles to choose from.

5) Medieval house design

Simple but intriguing
Simple but intriguing (Image via Minecraft)

This modest medieval design would appeal to Minecraft players looking for a medieval-themed home.

The structure has a stone foundation with a wooden roof on top. Wood and stone stair blocks are used to add much-needed intricacy to the base.

Because the roof is made of a different wood than the first level, it stands out. The inside of the roof can be built with a variety of colored blocks, but red looks particularly good in this structure.

4) Simple one-floor design

Modern yet rustic (Image via Minecraft)
Modern yet rustic

This modest one-story design has a modern yet rustic feel about it that is extremely wonderful. It’s also really simple to construct.

This structure is primarily made up of wooden logs, which serve as the house’s walls. On the porches, lanterns, trapdoors, and staircases are used for quick and effective detail.

The use of block depth is a standout feature of this design. It offers the impression that two bases are connected by a windowed corridor, which is very attractive.

3) Simple modern design

Extremely modern (Image via Minecraft)
Extremely modern (Image via Minecraft)

This simple modern design is highly recommended for Minecraft gamers wishing to abandon wood for a more modern aesthetic.

Lighter blocks, like as quartz or diorite, are suitable for modern homes. To complete the modern vibe, players will want to design massive block rooms that do not completely join.

Because most current designs feature wide windows, the base becomes even more basic.

Modern houses are some of the easiest and fastest buildings to complete in Minecraft due to the blocky nature of the game.

A guide on how to build another simple modern house may be found in the YouTube video above.

2) Simple two-story design

two-story design
Simple two-story design

This design will appeal to players who enjoy looking out over Minecraft’s lovely scenery.

This design is very stunning, and it is made entirely of wood and glass. Fence posts are utilized to add height to the house while also allowing for additional construction beneath it.

This build also incorporates a variety of wood kinds, including oak and birch, to give much-needed block variation. If this structure were made entirely of one sort of wood, it would appear monotonous.

1) All-in-one simple design

All-in-one simple design
All-in-one simple design

This straightforward design has everything a build requires to look beautiful while being basic.

In Minecraft, a little greenery goes a long way, and this design makes use of just the right number of trees and tall grass to offer diversity to the structure.

This design would benefit from the installation of a barrier to keep the player safe from mob attacks, which is a major issue in survival mode.

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