In Minecraft Java Edition, there are five simple ways to obtain emeralds.


Emeralds are regarded as one of Minecraft’s most valuable resources. They are uncommon minerals that are primarily utilized as a form of exchange between locals and roaming traders.

Emerald ores, like most minerals in the game, are found in the Overworld. They are, however, far more difficult to locate than diamond ores.

One of the most prevalent applications of emeralds, aside from trading, is to make a full emerald beacon.

Where to find emeralds in Minecraft Java Edition easily

#5 Villages

A Minecraft village in a desert biome

Villages are organic constructions that appear in a variety of biomes. Chests are commonly found in the homes of villagers. These chests have a 9.9-31.8 percent chance of containing 1-4 emeralds.

The likelihood of finding emeralds in these chests is determined by the biome and house where the chest was made.

Chests present in the armorer’s house have the highest chance of having emeralds.

#4 Desert temple

Desert temple

Desert temples are sandstone constructions that can be found naturally in desert biomes.

There are several loot chests in these constructions. These chests have an 18 percent chance of containing 1-3 emeralds.

#3 Buried treasure

Buried treasure

In the Overworld, buried treasures appear at random. A buried treasure map can help you find them. These maps can be found in chests inside shipwrecks and underwater ruins.

There is a 59.9% chance that a buried treasure contains 4-8 emeralds if the player discovers it.

2) Shipwreck

Shipwreck in Minecraft

Shipwrecks are one of the most reliable structures in Minecraft for discovering emeralds. In their treasure boxes, players have a 73.7 percent chance of finding 1-5 emeralds.

These sunken ships can be found underwater in the Overworld. They can also be found in beach biomes on land.

1) Trading


Except for nitwits, all villagers in Minecraft can choose a career. Players can turn villagers into merchants by building a work site block near them and offering emeralds in exchange for various products.

Villagers who have been cured of their zombie status will sell stuff for a much lower price. Using a Splash Potion of Weakness and a golden apple, players can heal zombie villagers.

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