In Minecraft, what does a leatherworker use? Everything a player should know


In Minecraft, villagers can choose from a variety of occupations. Leatherworker is one of them.

Villagers who deal with leather do exactly what their name implies. These villagers trade a variety of Minecraft leather items.

It may be tough for Minecraft players to keep track of all of the numerous sorts of villager jobs. The following is a simple guide to the leatherworker villager in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, everything players need to know about leatherworker villagers.

Job Block

A leatherworker and its cauldron (Image via Minecraft)
A leatherworker and its cauldron

The cauldron is the leatherworker’s job block. The occupation of a villager is determined by the villager’s job blocks. Each villagers’ vocation corresponds to a job block that the villagers employ to make their goods.

A leatherworker dyes the leather things it trades with players in a cauldron. Leatherworkers are occasionally observed in-game using their job blocks.

If you place a cauldron next to an unemployed villager, it will become a leatherworker. Breaking a villager’s employment block, on the other hand, will result in their profession being eliminated.


Potential trades from an apprentice level leatherworker (Image via Minecraft)
Potential trades from an apprentice level leatherworker 

Depending on their level of competence, a leatherworker will offer a variety of services. This also applies to any other kind of villager.

To raise the level of a leatherworker, players must trade with the villager on a regular basis. Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master are the villager levels.

A leatherworker villager’s trades can vary depending on their level:

  • Variations of dyed leather caps
  • Variations of dyed leather tunics
  • Variations of dyed leather pants
  • Variations of dyed leather boots
  • Leather horse armor
  • Saddles

The hues of the colored armor will most likely differ from one leatherworker villager to the next. Players looking for specific coloured armor can always make their own dyes and dye their own leather garments.

Leather horse armor and saddles are among the most valuable of these things. Leather horse armor is the only type that can be dyed, and saddles are extremely rare in Minecraft worlds because they can’t be produced. Most saddles may be obtained in loot chests, but with enough emeralds, players can buy saddles from leatherworkers on a regular basis.

Players can sell various products for emeralds with leatherworkers, just like any other hired villager, to collect enough for greater transactions.

Check out this YouTube video by Cubey for more information on all things villagers in Minecraft.

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