In November 2021, Skylord’s Free Fire ID, stats, monthly income, true name, and more were released.


Abhiyuday Mishra, better known as Skylord among Free Fire gamers, is a Global Esports content provider. Skylord has 1.31 million subscribers and over 123 million views on his channel.

With 257k followers on Instagram, the player has amassed a sizable following. His channel has accumulated 40k followers and 7.169 million views in the previous 30 days alone.

Skylord’s Free Fire ID and stats
77985476 is the YouTuber’s Free Fire ID.

Stats for the rest of your life

Skylord has a win rate of very close to 50% in squad games (Image via Free Fire)

Skylord has won 7597 of the 15228 squad games he has participated in, equating to a win rate of 49.88%. He has collected 51928 frags in total, resulting in a K/D ratio of 6.80.

Skylord has played 730 duo matches and earned booyahs in 181 of them, giving him a victory percentage of 24.79 percent. He has 2235 kills, which equates to a K/D ratio of 4.07.

Finally, he has won 128 of 747 single bouts, giving him a win percentage of 17.13 percent. The player has 2450 eliminations under his belt, resulting in a K/D ratio of 3.96.

Ranked stats

Skylord has only played squad ranked games in the current season (Image via Free Fire)

In BR-Ranked Season 24, Skylord has participated in 54 squad matches, winning 15 of them for a victory rate of 27.77 percent. He’s racked up 191 kills for a K/D ratio of 4.90.

Skylord has yet to participate in any ranked solo or duo matches this season.

At the time of writing this article, Skylord’s Free Fire stats were recorded on November 2, 2021. When a result, as he plays in matches, it will vary.

Abhiyuday’s YouTube channel is estimated to bring in between $1.8K and $28.7K per month. His yearly earnings are expected to be between $21.5K and $344.1K.

Skylord has been submitting videos to the channel on a regular basis for the past year. He has 1.31 million views, putting his channel in 2914th rank in India in terms of subscribers. There are also more than 160 videos on the channel, which have received over 123 million views.

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