In November 2021, the 5 greatest Free Fire pets for healing, utilities, and combat assistance


Free Fire has a lot of unique elements that make it stand out from other games on the platform. Pets are not just battlefield companions, but they also provide players with a unique set of powers that enhance the gameplay.

They are not as powerful as the characters, although they do have a little advantage in several areas, such as healing and utility usage. These can be purchased with diamonds from the shop. The majority of these will set you back 699 diamonds, while the ones that don’t require any skill will set you back 299 diamonds.

Players can also acquire one for free during the “Charge the Portal to Return Home” event.

Note that the selections are based on the writer’s own tastes.

The most powerful pets in Free Fire

Beaston (#5) (Skill: Helping Hand)

Beaston increases the distance of throwables (Image via Free Fire)

The Beaston pet can significantly improve the utility of throwables like Gloo Wall, Grenade, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade in terms of gameplay. When the pet is equipped, all of these items’ throwing distance increases by 10%, increasing to 30% when the pet achieves the greatest level.

4) Fox Spirit (Knowledge: Well Fed)

Spirit Fox’s skill is called Well Fed (Image via Free Fire)

Spirit Fox is the third character on the list, and its Well Fed skill makes it an excellent choice for players. The users will restore an extra 4 HP while using a Med Kit, and it will reach 10 HP at pet Level 7. (maximum). Players’ restored health could be critical.

3) The Ottero (Skill: Double Blubber)

Ottero is the best pet to be used with K and A124. It can quickly convert EP to HP. When gamers have this pet equipped, they will receive some EP while using Treatment Pistol or Med Kit. The amount they gain is 35% at the initial level, and it further rises to 65% when the pet is at its maximum potential.

Panda’s Blessing is beneficial for aggressive gameplay (Image via Free Fire)

Detective Panda encourages aggressive play by awarding health points to players who successfully eliminate their opponents. Despite the tiny amount of HP recovered, it can be a game-changer. After first, they will only gain 4 HP after a kill, but at ability Level 3, this increases to 10 HP every kill.

Mr. Waggor is number one (Skill: Smooth Gloo)

Mr. Waggor is the most used pet in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Mr. Waggor was the most popular pet last year, owing to its ability to create Gloo Wall. Gloo Walls are a crucial component of gameplay in the higher levels of the game. If the player does not have any Gloo Wall grenades when the pet reaches Level 1, he or she will receive one every 120 seconds.

Coming to the highest level, players will get a grenade every 100 seconds when they have less than two equipped.

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