In October 2021, the top 5 Indian free fire YouTubers will be announced.


One of the finest places to watch Free Fire is on YouTube. Several content creators use this platform to promote their work, increasing their number of views and subscribers. The videos revolving around the game are infinite, from publishing Free Fire instructions to discussing new events that the Battle Royale title comes up with.

On YouTube, India has a large number of broadcasters and content creators who upload daily videos centered on Free Fire for fans to enjoy. This article includes a list of some of India’s finest Free Fire YouTubers.

Best Free Fire YouTubers from India

5) Desi Gamers

Amit Sharma, commonly known as Desi Gamers, has 1.6 billion views on his YouTube channel. He launched his Free Fire streaming service three years ago and has already amassed 11.5 million customers.

4) Gyan Gaming

The Kolkata-based gamer began his YouTube career three years ago by streaming Clash of Clans and is now a full-time Free Fire streamer. His channel was hacked a few days ago, much to the surprise of his fans.

Sahil Rana’s YouTube channel receives around 170 million monthly views. This YouTuber enjoys everything from Free Fire pranks to hide-and-seek in the battle royale game.

2) Sooneeta

With 4.39 million subscribers, she is the best female Free Fire player. She is one of the few content providers included in YouTube’s Original series, Creator Spotlight, and produces videos on a daily basis.

1) Total Gaming

This Free Fire YouTuber has the highest amount of subscribers on YouTube, with 28.8 million. Aside from Free Fire, the player also enjoys Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto Online.

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