In October 2021, the top 5 passive character talents in Free Fire MAX


Because of their skills, characters are an important aspect of Free Fire Max, with players attempting to unlock the finest ones possible. These can be divided into three categories: active, active, and passive, with active being the most common.

Furthermore, the creators have added three additional ability slots to each character, allowing players to employ multiple powers at once. However, because only one of these four skills can be active, passive abilities are given greater weight.

Explore these passive abilities in Free Fire Max

5) Luqeta (Hat Trick)

Luqueta received a buff in OB29 (Image via Free Fire Max)

The OB29 update changed Luqueta’s ability, making it a viable alternative. This character is well-suited to aggressive combat, as every kill increases the maximum HP by ten points, up to a maximum of fifty.

As the level progresses, the maximum per kill increases from 25 to 50.

4) Shirou (Damage Delivered)

Shirou’s ability is called Damage Delivered (Image via Free Fire Max)

Shirou’s ability was improved in this OB30 update, decreasing the cooldown duration even more. When opponents hit players from a distance of 80 meters, the attacker is tagged for 6 seconds, with the marking viewable only to users. In addition, the initial shot on the adversary will cause a 50% increase in armor penetration. There is a 25-second cooldown.

The cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds at the highest level, and the armor penetration on the first shot is increased to 100%.

3) D-Bee (Bullet Beats)

D-Bee is among the new characters in the game (Image via Free Fire Max)

After the OB28 update, D-Bee was added to Free Fire, and he had a terrific passive ability. When players fire while moving, it first increases movement speed by 5% and accuracy by 10%. The buff steadily increases as the character’s level rises.

Players’ agility will improve by 15%, while their accuracy will improve by 35%, allowing them to maneuver around more rapidly and take down opponents more easily while running and gunning.

2) Jai (Raging Reload)

Jai Microchip is available in the store (Image via Free Fire Max)

Hrithik Roshan’s in-game identity, Jai, possesses extraordinary abilities. When a player knocks down an opponent, the gun’s magazine is immediately replenished by 30%. This applies exclusively to certain types of firearms, such as ARs, pistols, SMGs, and shotguns.

In addition, as the level progresses, the percentage of the magazine refill increases, reaching 45 percent at level 6. To obtain Jai’s Microchip, players must purchase it from the store.

1) Jota (Sustained Raids)

Jota is used due to its healing abilities (Image via Free Fire Max)

Jota has remained one of the most popular passive characters in the game. While dealing damage to their opponents, Sustained Raids refills the players’ HP. As a result, when users defeat an adversary on the first level, they will restore 10% of their HP.

When players knock down their opponents at the highest level, they will heal 20% of their HP. Users can purchase it for 499 diamonds.

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