In PUBG, How To Use A Flare Gun


You’ve almost certainly seen a red flare gun on one of the PUBG maps. Perhaps you’ve seen a crate fall from the sky, followed by a cloud of yellow smoke. We’re here to help you figure out what this item’s narrative is and how it may be useful.

We’ll go over what a flare gun is and how to use it in PUBG in this article. You’ll also get expert advice on developing an efficient strategy and learn about the best places to look for this uncommon treasure. We’ll also address some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

In PUBG, what is a Flare Gun?
In PUBG, a flare gun is a rare weapon type that is used to signify a special airdrop. You might be wondering what makes this airdrop unique. It drops more supplies of a better quality than a standard airdrop, such as crate-exclusive weaponry, top-tier stuff, and even cars on occasion. The contents of the flare gun’s drop are determined by the area in which it is used. You’ll get various third-level weaponry, armor, and ghillie suits if you fire within the white circle on the map. You’ll almost certainly get an armored UAZ if you use the gun outside the white zone. Every map has a flare gun, albeit the spawning sites are limited.

In PUBG, How to Use a Flare Gun
Using a flare gun in PUBG is simple; the hardest thing is finding one. Here’s what you need to do to get a special airdrop:

Once you’ve landed on a map, start searching for the flare gun and other resources. Flare weapons are usually found within structures.

Get outdoors once you’ve found the gun. It can’t be used in a structure.

Decide where you want to discharge the gun. Keep in mind that it’s loud and could betray your location.
Fire the gun and, if possible, conceal near the firing location.
You should be able to see a plane approaching you. When it lands, it will drop a supply container that emits yellow smoke.

Get to the crate and take what you can. On the way, you may have to kill some adversaries who have noticed your shot.

In PUBG, here are some helpful hints on how to use a flare gun.
Although using a flare gun is simple in theory, the success of the operation is entirely dependent on your abilities. Let’s have a look at how to make the most of this item.

Before launching the flare gun, let your peers know what you’re planning and where you’re going. When the box arrives, they should be ready to assist you in looting the supplies. Do this ahead of time to allow your teammates to get a good look at the region.

Make an informed decision on where to fire. It should be far enough away from your adversaries but close enough to your comrades, with plenty of hiding spots. You may claim that you only need one hiding place, but keep in mind that your peers must also conceal themselves. You should be able to keep an eye out for opponents from all sides without having to leave your hiding spot.

Choose an open environment with few hiding spots if your goal is to draw foes into a trap and kill them first. You may even fire close to your opponent’s actual location before hiding and waiting for them.

Engage foes from various angles when eliminating them. Of course, you’ll need the assistance of your classmates to complete this task. The major goal is to keep them from fleeing, hence all exits must be shut.
Before using the flare gun, make sure you have enough weapons, ammo, first-aid kits, and energy drinks. It’s possible that the battle for supplies will become heated.

Even if you don’t intend to use the crate to draw foes into a trap, keep in mind that they might. If you’re looting supplies, be careful or you’ll get killed.

Don’t transmit the signal while you’re on the go. The flare may shift away from the intended location if you move while firing.
Use a flare gun away from structures. It’s possible that the airdrop will land on the roof, making retrieval more difficult.
Even if you know where a flare gun should be on the map, keep in mind that your opponents might as well. Arrive before everyone else and take care not to be shot.


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about flare guns in PUBG may be found here.

Is a Flare Gun Lethal?
Although a flare gun is technically a weapon, it is more commonly employed for signaling than for killing. It is fired vertically into the air and is incapable of killing or injuring anyone. If you shoot into someone, no damage will be done, but you will lose the valuable bullet. To put it another way, firing a flare gun towards enemies isn’t the best option and will only hurt your chances of winning.

Where on the Map Can You Find a Flare Gun?

In PUBG, flare guns may be found all over the map. Knowing the actual spawning areas is, of course, quite useful. The most typical locations where a flare gun can be found are listed below.

To find a flare gun in Sanhok, go to the following locations:Khao is the first. It’s one of Sanhok’s major cities, located in the northern section of the map’s center. Because this area isn’t well-known, it’s one of the safest places to look for a flare gun. Look for any structures.

Docks, which may be found in the southeast corner of the map. Look for clues on ships, in containers, and at the warehouse.

Ruins, which may be found in the southwest corner of the map. Look for the rifle in an antique temple and the surrounding structures.

The northeastern half of the map contains the Paradise Resort. Because it’s a popular spot, expect a tumultuous battle. However, the chances of spawning a flare gun are higher there than in most other places.

Attend a bootcamp. The only place with a better chance of spawning a flare gun than the Paradise Resort. It’s smack dab in the middle of the map. Examine the warehouse and the main structure. There’s a 90% chance you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

Pai Nan, Sahmee, Ha Tinh, and little shacks strewn throughout the countryside. These locations have a low, but not zero, chance of spawning a flare gun. It’s pointless to go looking for it in these places; nevertheless, if you’re close, checking out won’t hurt.

Check the following spots on the Vikendi map for a flare gun:

Volnova, which is located in the south-central part of the map. Multiple flare cannons may be found in the region due to the large number of structures in the town. Roofs, single-story dwellings, and panic rooms should all be given extra consideration.

Between Podvosto and Peshova, there is a secret cave.

Mine of coal. There’s a good possibility you’ll discover a flare gun in the conveyor belt, cabin, office, or barrel.

Villa, which is placed in the map’s center. Look for the pistol in the main hall and the surrounding structures. If you investigate the region thoroughly, you might possibly locate several.

Cosmodrome, located in the map’s northeastern corner. There are a lot of flare guns in the region, but there are a lot of structures, so you’ll have to wait. Also, keep an eye out for opponents, as the area is popular with looters.

Flare guns can also be found in Goroka, Krichas, Peshkova, Trevno, and the cement factory. These sites are likely to be less popular among enemy players than the above-mentioned spots, despite the fact that the possibilities are smaller. It’s even possible to incorporate it into your overall approach.

Finally, a flare gun can spawn at the following locations in Erangel:

The military base of Sosnovka. There are several flare guns in the vicinity, but your foes will most likely be looking for them as well. Examine the cave, the factory, the observatory, or any other structure.

Georgopol, inside one of the warehouses or on containers.

Novorepnoye is the third option. Flare weapons, like Georgopol, frequently appear on top of crates or in warehouses.

The island of Spawn. Isn’t it true that the name speaks it all? The journey to the place is not easy, but it is well worth it. Flare weapons can be found in a large two-story house, a bunker, and a laboratory.

The power plant at Mylta. Due of its prominence, it is a relatively risky location. Look for clues throughout the factory’s main building.

Flare guns are also possible to find in Lipovka, Zharki, Primorsk, and Stalber.

It All Comes Down to Strategy
Hopefully, our article has clarified what a flare gun is and how to use it in PUBG. Remember that other players may have the same knowledge as you and be looking for a flare gun as well. The key to successfully plundering goods and eliminating foes is to have a sound strategy. To boost your chances of winning the match, follow our advice and check out lesser-known flare gun spawning sites.

What are your favorite PUBG spots for finding rare items? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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