In PUBG Mobile, Auto Headshot is a useful feature


In this article, we’ll go through auto headshot cheats that are useful if you’re playing PUBG Mobile. This trick is quite similar to the popular aimbot cheat.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game with a battle royale theme. The game’s main feature is its realistic gameplay. Maksud realistis ini mencakup pada persenjataan yang ada di sini.

In this game, you will be given detailed information on each character. As a result, each senjata now has unique statistics. As a result, to be able to use any senjata in this game, you’ll need a special method.

In the game PUBG Mobile, capturing a senjata is quite difficult. Aside from that, a headshot is possible. It is necessary for players to stabilize their aim.

Auto headshot adalah hack yang membuat penggunaan PUBG Mobile terus melakukan headshot. Even if you use a non-wajar method of menembaknya, you’ll get a headshot.

If there are any players that are using cheats, we can detect them using this uraian singkat. You should be aware of whether or not a player can take a headshot repeatedly and in a non-lazy manner.

For example, using a shotgun in a jarak agak jauh lalu headshot. Or, if you look closely, you’ll notice that he’s leaning against the wall, but he’s not taking a headshot. Dan sejenisnya kasus-kasus.

If you find yourself in the position of being a korban headshot who is unable to get to the akalnya, and you suspect a user of an auto headshot, you can file a report with the appropriate tuduhan.

Apa Bedanya dengan Aimbot?


Cheats in the game Shoooter are quite helpful in getting you to finish the game. In addition to cheat auto headshot, the most popular cheat is cheat aimbot. What is the difference between cheat auto headshot and cheat aimbot?

Aimbot cheat akan membuatmu bisa menembak sasaran tepat. It causes my aim tembakanmu to be always focused on the target. Tembakanmu tak mungkin meleset dengan aimbot.

As a result, cheat aimbot is also known as cheat no recoil. This is due to the fact that there is no kendala when menembak sama sekali. Kamu menembak tanpa recoil, allowing you to focus on the target with ease.

As a result of the cheat aimbot, the crosshair senjata will reappear in the musuh. It’s for this reason that target tembakanmu has never been able to meleset. You only need to press the fire button once, and your tembakan will automatically switch to the subject of musuh.

Aimbot does not need to know about kepala or headshot. The most important thing with an aimbot is the target, whether it’s a kepala or a musuh’s badan.

Cehat auto headshot, on the other hand, saja mengarah ke bagian kepala. Because of this, cheat auto headshot is easier to detect than cheat aimbot.

Even so, you must understand that using a cheat is a form of cheating in the game PUBG Mobile. If you use this account, you’ll get a permanent ban, which means you won’t be able to play the battle royale game anymore.

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