In Pubg Mobile BGMI, how do you get the grenadier title?


The grenadier is the most appealing title in Pubg mobile BGMI, but it is difficult to obtain. Among the millions of gamers worldwide, the player who receives this title has a distinct identity.
To begin with, it is an uncommon and difficult title that can only be obtained by expert players. Second, players with the grenadier title can display their country’s bright flag to others. However, unlocking the grenadier title in Pubg mobile Battleground mobile India is a difficult task because you must rank beneath 100 in your region or country. To get below 100, you must finish a match by killing your opponents with grenades. Each countryrgion has a large number of players, making ranking 100 a difficult process.

So getting a title is difficult. But here are some best tips to unlock the grenadier titles quickly. And you need to know this title is not a permanent achievement in PUBG mobile\BGMI- Until you have the required rank, you have a title with you.

Here are some tips to achieve a grenadier title in Pubg mobile\BGMI

We require a trustworthy team.

On the battleground island, a good squad can help you achieve anything. You can receive 5-7 bots in every squad battle, as you are aware. The issue is that the team wants to take the bots for their own gain. As a result, you’ll need an honest team that shares everything with you and doesn’t interfere with your gaming during the game. Your team member should consider not just oneself, but also your overall goal.

So, if you manage to finish killing 6-7 bots with your grenade, no one will be able to stop you from earning the grenadier title in the PUBG mobile BGMI.

Need honest squad

A good squad helps you to achieve anything on the battleground island. As you know, in every squad match, you can get 5-7 bots. But the problem is squad wants to steal the bots for their benefit. Therefore, you need to have an honest squad that shares anything with you and doesn’t disturb your gaming during the match. Your member should not think only about themselves, but also about your goal.

Loot a lot of grenades

You know the only grenade helps to get grenadier, so you have to pick up enough.

So, it’s better to collect 9-12 grenades in each match. And sometimes, it’s difficult to find enough grenades. In this case, you have to ask for help from your teammate to find them for you in Battleground. (Teamwork is the best work)

Only use grenades

If you knock your enemy by grenade in an apartment, squad house, or anywhere, then you should not kill with AR. Only you have to finish your opponent with a grenade until it turns a peti.

Otherwise, if you use other throwable and guns, your endeavor will not be counted.

However, if another enemy arrives before you finish your enemy, try to save yourself because survival is more necessary than kills.


No, it’s not much harder to get grenadier title in PUBGM\BGMI if you play smartly.

If you get a minimum of 4-5 kills in each match with a grenade, then you will be rewarded by grenadier for sure.

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