In PUBG Mobile, shotguns are ranked from best to worst.


In PUBG Mobile, shotguns are ranked from best to worst.

In PUBG Mobile, players can choose from a wide range of weapons to use. Shotguns, for example, are quite helpful in close-quarters combat and may swiftly knock opponents out. Players frequently underestimate shotguns, but they are incredibly devastating if you know how to use them properly

Shotguns ranked in descending order in PUBG Mobile

#1 S12K


In PUBG Mobile, it is the greatest shotgun available. Because of its semi-automatic feature and rapid fire rate damage, the S12K is very lethal in close-range combat. The weapon fires 12-gauge ammunition and has a 5-round magazine that can be expanded to 8.

#2 DBS 


DBS is the next weapon on our list. It’s a pump-action shotgun with two barrels that can only be obtained in airdrops. DBS is a nine-pellet gun that deals 26 damage at a base. The weapon has the ability to discharge a large number of bullets in a short amount of time. This gun fires 12-gauge ammo and has a 14-round magazine.

#3 S1897


The S1897 has a base damage of 26 and a good magazine capacity of 5 shells. As a result, during close combat, players do not need to actively reload the weapon. The gun’s major flaw is its lengthy reload time, which can be aggravating. So, once you’ve fired all of your shots, it’s time to switch weapons.

#4 S686


The S686 can quickly fire two 12-gauge bullets and is a tremendous beast in close-range combat. Because the rifle has a long reload time and only a two-bullet magazine, all you have to do is be precise with your shots. As a result, it’s difficult to utilize. The gun’s base damage is two.

#5 Sawed-off

Sawed Off

A tiny S686 can be described as sawed-off. Due to the shorter barrel, it is a dual-barrel shotgun with a wider spread than the S686. The S686 is a one-of-a-kind shotgun that fits neatly into the handgun slot. This rifle, however, has a far shorter range than the others on this list.

It’s also worth noting that these shotguns have a lot of potential and are best used when they match a specific player’s style of play. If used correctly, all shotguns are quite lethal. The ranking of weaponry in PUBG Mobile is also determined by the preferences of the players.

Also, weapon stats are not released on a regular basis, therefore these figures are the closest approximation of the actual results.

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