In September 2021, here are the top 5 Free Fire character bundles for under 900 diamonds.


Users can obtain a plethora of outfits for their Free Fire characters via a variety of means. Character bundles can be obtained through the Elite Pass, Lucky Royale, in-game shop, or redemption events.

Most of the time, players must pay a high price to obtain beautiful character cosmetics. They can try their luck in incubators with bundles, or they can pay a fee to claim an outfit set from the store.

This article will list the top five Free Fire character bundles available in September 2021 for less than 900 diamonds.

Free Fire character bundles: What are the best options available under 900 diamonds

5) Aurous Ascension Bundle

The Aurous Ascension bundle (Image via Free Fire)

The Aurous Ascension Bundle is currently one of the coolest bundles in Free Fire. The black outfit is adorned with a golden dragon design, which benefits the bundle. The bundle has a pretty chill vibe to it, which adds to the overall look of the bundle.

The Aurous Ascension Bundle has made several appearances in the game and is currently available in the store for 899 diamonds. The bundle consists of the following:

  • Aurous Ascension (Head)
  • Aurous Ascension (Mask)
  • Aurous Ascension (Top)
  • Aurous Ascension (Bottom)
  • Aurous Ascension (Shoes)

4) Annihilator Bundle

Annihilator Bundle (Image via Free Fire)

The Annihilator Bundle appears to be a hybrid of Ultron and a futuristic assassin, giving the appearance of an antihero with red eyes. For 899 diamonds, the bundle is a steal.

The Annihilator Bundle contains the following items:

  • Annihilator (Mask)
  • Annihilator (Top)
  • Annihilator (Bottom)
  • Annihilator (Shoes)

3) Paleolithic Bundle

Paleolithic Bundle (Image via Free Fire)

The Paleolithic Bundle is one of the unusual but eye-catching female Free Fire bundles. It features tattooed tribal outfits. The Neolithic Bundle is a male counterpart to this female character bundle.

The Paleolithic Bundle costs 899 diamonds and includes the following:

  • Paleolithic (Mask)
  • Paleolithic (Top)
  • Paleolithic (Bottom)
  • Paleolithic (Shoes)

2) Commando Bundl

Commando Bundle (Image via Free Fire)

The Commando Bundle has a pleasing visual appearance. The outfit is black with a neon blue glow along the chest, left arm, eyepiece, and knees. Commando, like the Annihilator Bundle, has a futuristic appearance.

The Commando Bundle costs 899 diamonds and includes the following items:

  • Commando (Mask)
  • Commando (Top)
  • Commando (Bottom)
  • Commando (Shoes)

1) Angry Dwarf Bundle

Angry Dwarf Bundle (Image via Free Fire)

Angry Dwarf, like the other bundles on this list, is priced at 899 diamonds, which is a great deal considering the appearance of the outfit. It appears to be what clowns might wear, but the brown and orange don’t give off a clown vibe.

A fire glow on the torso resembles rage, which adds to the premium design. The Angry Dwarf Bundle includes the following items:

Dwarf in Fury (Mask)

Dwarf in Fury (Top)

Dwarf in Fury (Bottom)

Dwarf in Fury (Shoes)
Aside from the aforementioned bundles, players can obtain the Elite Pass Bundle by grinding after purchasing the Season 40 Pass for 499 diamonds.

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