In September 2021, here are the top 5 Free Fire pets for rush gameplay.


Free Fire is a one-of-a-kind Battle Royale title with several distinguishing features. Some of them, such as pets and characters, can be extremely useful on the battlefield. There are more than 15 different pets to choose from, all of which can be obtained with diamonds.

The playing style varies from player to player, but many express a desire to play aggressively. As a result, they seek pets with abilities that are appropriate for this type of gameplay.

These are the top 5 Free Fire pets for rush play.

5) Beaston

Beaston pet in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Helping Hand is a skill.

Beaston is ranked fifth on this list, and it can greatly assist players when using utility items. The “Helping Hand” skill increases the throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade by 30%, which can be very useful when the players are rushing on their enemies.

4) Dreki

Dreki’s ability is called Dragon Glare (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Dragon Glare

Dreki pet is another excellent pet that users can try out if they wish to play aggressively. Using its Dragon Glare ability, players will spot four opponents using Medkits within a range of 30m. It would last for a duration of 5 seconds.

Knowing the exact location of foes for a few seconds can turn out to be quite crucial on the battlefield.

3) Falco

Skyline Spree is a skill.

Falco is excellent in battle royale mode, but should be avoided in Clash Squad matches. It allows gamers to land faster than their opponents due to a 45 percent increase in gliding speed upon skydive. Furthermore, there is a 50% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens.

Another point to remember is that this skill applies to all the members of the team.

2) Ottero

Ottero in the game (Image via Free Fire)

Double Blubber is a skill.

Otter’s Double Blubber ability grants players a set amount of EP after using the Treatment Gun or the Medkit. At level 3, the players’ EP restored is 65 percent of their HP recovered. The EP will gradually be converted into HP over time.

1) Detective Panda

Panda’s Blessings is a skill.

Detective Panda is arguably the best pet to have in Free Fire if you want to play aggressively. Its skill replenishes players’ HP after they defeat a foe. When the pet is at its highest level, the exact amount per frag is 10.

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