In the Elder Scrolls Online, how to use the Armory


The Armory is one of the most anticipated additions to the Elder Scrolls Online’s Deadlands expansion. Aside from a new zone to explore, players will be able to modify their complete setup with a single button press.

Players had previously been allowed to employ a function comparable to the Armory using add-ons. In addition to eliminating console fans from the add-ons, the Armory includes a function that previous add-ons lacked.

Players will also be able to change their champion points to reflect their preferred gear choice. Exploring the Elder Scrolls Online’s various content has never been easier.

What is the Elder Scrolls Online Armory?

After the Witches Festival, everyone will be able to use the Armory on live servers starting November 1st, 2021 for PC and November 16th, 2021 for consoles. Even though the next update is roughly a week away, there is still a lot of information regarding the Armory and how it is used.

In its most basic form, the Armory will allow players to alter their whole setup with the press of a single button. If a player has the equipment and skills of a tank, they can quickly switch to a DPS character when they want to explore on their own.

A list of what can be updated in the Armory was provided in the most recent Elder Scrolls Online blog post.

Changes to the Armory:


Abilities: Active and Passive

Items Provided

Vampire or Werewolf CurseVampire or Werewolf Curse

Items in the Quickslot


This is a huge improvement to the game overall, and the option to switch between passive and Champion Points means that players can play whatever role they want whenever they want. A single character has limitless alternatives as long as the stuff is accessible.

In the Elder Scrolls Online, learn how to use the Armory system.

The Armory system will function similarly to the Outfit station system once it is released. To complete their Armory configuration, players will have two free slots on their avatars. They’ll need a station to put their gear together, and one can be set up in their home.

When the update goes live, armory helpers will be available in the shop, allowing players to adjust their setup on the fly. This framework gives the Elder Scrolls Online a lot of freedom, and Deadlands is just around the bend.

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