In the last two weeks, 1,058,472 Free Fire accounts have been banned for cheating.


In 2021, Garena’s Free Fire has maintained its popularity. The game was nominated for the Esports Mobile Game of the Year award 2021 despite routinely ranking in the top ten most downloaded mobile games (according to sensor tower).

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The Free Fire Global Series 2021 also set a new world record for the biggest peak viewership for a live esports event this year.

The FFWS 2021 had a peak audience of 5.4 million live viewers, with the Hindi stream alone having a peak viewership of 1.9 million.

Some gamers, however, employ third-party programs to obtain an unfair advantage over others. Players not only jeopardize fair play, but they also jeopardize the game’s competitive integrity.

To deal with cheaters, Garena’s developers have incorporated an upgraded anti-cheat mechanism to the game. The anti-cheat not only restricts the cheaters but also hands them an automatic ban.

Over the last two weeks, Free Fire has banned a total of 1,058,472 accounts for using various hacks. After players reported cheaters, about 55% of them were blacklisted.

A break-up of the banned Free Fire accounts

Here’s a breakdown of the percentage of cheaters that employed hacking tools in the last two weeks:
The use of auto-aim cheat resulted in the banning of 68.6% of all cheats. The auto-aim feature employs third-party scripts to automatically target adversaries’ heads. After exploiting the teleportation hack, about 17% of users were banned. Players can use this to get from one spot to another without having to travel any physical distance. Wallhacks were employed by 12.3 percent of banned accounts, allowing them to shoot through walls without issue. The remaining 2% of users were suspended for reasons that have yet to be revealed.
In addition, almost 13,000 players were penalized by Free Fire for knowingly playing with hackers.

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