In the last two weeks, 684,176 Free Fire accounts have been banned for cheating.


Garena continues to crack down on cheating in Free Fire, with over 684K accounts permanently banned in the last two weeks alone.

As cellphones become more affordable and internet penetration rises, gaming is becoming more widespread. Free Fire by Garena, a battle royale game geared for mobile users, is one of the most well-known games among aficionados. The game has been a great hit since its release. In the third quarter of 2021, it broke a big record by being the most-watched mobile game. It’s also one of the top ten grossing games of the year as of September.

With millions of active users, however, some people seek an unfair advantage over others. They do this by installing hackers and tampering with the game’s integrity.

To combat this unlawful conduct, Free Fire has implemented an anti-cheat system that not only detects but also bans cheaters immediately.

Every two weeks, they also publish an anti-cheat report on social media to inform fans and deter cheaters from engaging in such behavior.

Over 684K Free Fire accounts received permanent bans in the last two weeks

684,176 Free Fire accounts have been permanently banned by Garena. Accounts that were reported by numerous players accounted for 42.8 percent of the banned accounts. In addition, Garena has banned 8,679 accounts for playing with cheats on purpose.

Break-up of the banned Free Fire accounts

Approximately 64.6 percent of the cheaters used Auto Aim. It is the most often utilized hack in any game because it aids in improving aim.
Around 14.4% of the banned accounts exploited the Teleport hack, which allows players to instantly transfer from one region to another.
Wallhacks, which aid in shooting through cover, were employed by 13.3% of cheaters.
The remaining 7.5 percent were denied entry for a variety of reasons.

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