In the latest Free Fire OB29 update, we have three of the best assault rifles.


Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile Battle Royale games. Free Fire, despite its small size and limited resources, is a fun shooting game to play.

Free Fire, like its competitors, offers a variety of in-game features. There are a lot of characters, cosmetics, pets, accessories, and weaponry to choose from.

Since its inception, Garena has made numerous balancing tweaks, which has resulted in a steady increase in the armory of Free Fire. Assault rifles are one of the most popular categories in Free Fire’s ever-expanding array.

To gain the best results, players can employ ARs at any range. However, not all assault rifles in Free Fire are fantastic.

Following the new OB29 update, this post will identify the top three ARs in Free Fire.

What are the greatest alternatives in-game for assault guns in Free Fire?

3) XM8

XM8: A light-weight AR (Image via Free Fire)
The XM8 is a compact AR system (Image via Free Fire)

Damage and fire rate are the two most important features of any weapon in Free Fire, as both play a crucial role in finishing out an enemy swiftly. For either factor, the XM8 is a good choice.

XM8 has a 57 damage rating and a 60 firing rate. In close-range and mid-range combat, the assault rifle is useful, and its long-range performance is also satisfactory.

Furthermore, the XM8’s movement speed is rated at 73, which is quite useful in close-quarter combat. The default magazine capacity of 25 is the sole disadvantage.

To gain better outcomes, players should equip XM8 with magazine attachments as well as other equipment.

2) AUG

AUG is among the deadliest weapons in Free Fire for short-range combat (Image via Free Fire)
For short-range combat, the AUG is one of the most lethal weapons in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

With a firing rate of 61, AUG is the fastest automatic AR in Free Fire. With a damage rating of 56, it works well at mid-range and is a formidable weapon in close-range skirmishes.

The AUG comes with a pre-installed scope and a 35-round magazine capacity by default. However, because to its 56-yard range and low accuracy of 35, it is not appropriate for long-range combat.

1) Groza

Groza is arguably the best AR in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
In Free Fire, Groza is perhaps the finest AR (Image via Free Fire)

Groza is an airdrop weapon that excels in all of the AR’s ratings. It features a fast rate of fire, a long range, high damage, a good magazine capacity, and acceptable accuracy.

As a result, Groza might be considered the greatest assault rifle in Free Fire, as it comes with numerous attachments. It is the most ideal AR for either BR or CS mode and performs equally well at any range.

Disclaimer: The author’s opinions are expressed in this post.

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