In the midst of Germany’s LGBT dispute with Uefa, Hungary’s prime minister’scraps Euros visit.’


According to German sources, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has canceled a visit to the game just hours before Hungary’s footballers meet Germany in Munich in their final Euro 2020 group stage match.

Previously, Germany and 13 other EU countries opposed a Hungarian law prohibiting the portrayal of homosexuality to children under the age of 18.

The European Football Association has been chastised for refusing to allow Munich to utilize rainbow colors in the stadium.

Due to Hungary’s political situation, Uefa had no choice but to decline the proposal.

Mr Orban had canceled his trip to Munich and was instead intending to travel to Brussels, where an EU leaders’ conference begins on Thursday, according to the German news agency DPA.

The prime minister’s spokeswoman, who said: “We do not provide information, now as before, on Viktor Orban’s private program,” did not corroborate the report.

Munich town hall posted a picture on social media showing the facade decorated in rainbow flags

The plea was turned down by Uefa, which claimed to be a “politically and religiously impartial organization.” Even though the rainbow sign was not political, it eventually added a rainbow to its emblem and claimed Munich’s request was political.

Mayor Dieter Reiter branded Uefa’s refusal “shameful,” while Green Party leader Annalena Baerbock asked for rainbow colors to be shown throughout Germany as a “strong message of diversity.”

Munich’s homosexual community said it would throw out rainbow flags to fans inside the Allianz Arena for the match at 19:00 GMT, while Bavarian Premier Markus Söder said Germans must “stand up against exclusion and intolerance.” Manuel Neuer, Germany’s captain, will keep the rainbow armband he wore for the first two games.

A number of stadiums in Germany have announced that they will be lit up in rainbow colors, and the city hall in Munich tweeted a photo of rainbow flags flying outside the building.

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