In the NBA offseason of 2021, the Los Angeles Clippers must address three major problems.


The Los Angeles Clippers could be in for a pivotal offseason in their history. They’ve just advanced to their first NBA Conference Finals, but their biggest star’s future is still up in the air.

The LA Clippers have a lot of the pieces in place to be successful. They have a deep bench that led the league in three-point efficiency during the regular season, a lot of young players who performed well in the playoffs, and two superstar scorers in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. With Leonard’s worries about his future notwithstanding, that is the make-up of a championship contender for next season.

Nonetheless, as an NBA team, there are always issues to resolve. Especially if you want to win a championship. In this article, we’ll look at three of the most pressing needs the Los Angeles Clippers must address this summer in order to advance farther in the 2021-22 season.The Los Angeles Clippers enter the offseason with their heads held high, knowing that they couldn’t have done much better in this year’s playoffs if Kawhi Leonard hadn’t been available for the final eight games. Despite the fact that their main player was injured after game four of their semifinal series against the Utah Jazz, the Clippers were able to go to the Conference Finals.

The Clippers made a big stride in proving their naysayers wrong by beating the Phoenix Suns in six games, despite losing in the end. Especially for those who want to smear Paul George, who has carried his team on several times without Leonard.

Should the LA Clippers handle Kawhi Leonard’s future and other issues this summer, he and his teammates will be trying to run it back next season.

Situation #3: Point guard

Reggie Jackson was electric for the LA Clippers in the playoffs

In the offseason, the Los Angeles Clippers have a major problem at point guard. In the playoffs, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard can handle the majority of the ball, but they need a floor general to guide the offense and relieve pressure.Reggie Jackson was fantastic in the postseason at point guard, but given his performance and the Clippers’ lack of salary room, his contract is likely unattainable. They can only hope he doesn’t get more than the $10 million Early Bird Rights deal they could make. Patrick Beverley, on the other hand, was a constant threat on defense in the playoffs and is a fierce competitor. His offensive shortcomings, on the other hand, restrict the overall impact he can have on a game.

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