Indiefoxx’s post from 2017 about “selling body for cash” becomes viral in the midst of her Twitch ban.


Twitch gave Indiefoxx and Amouranth the weekend off for their controversial ASMR streams, which piggybacked on the ASMR category.

While the system is mainly fair and content creators have a lot of leeway, both streamers were manipulating the category for their own gain.

The content that was being streamed raised a few red flags, prompting the suspension. A lot of small-time streamers and legitimate ASMR content makers were losing out because of these large celebrities, in addition to exploiting the category for profit.

While fans argue the content’s legal and moral boundaries, it’s safe to assume that both Indiefoxx and Amouranth will return sooner or later.

All of this stated, it was a Tweet from Indiefoxx herself from 2017 that truly drew the attention of several netizens. Given the current situation, it’s reasonable to say that some thoughts should be kept to themselves.

Indiefoxx’s Tweet from 2017 goes viral
Jenelle Dagres was a legitimate artist and Twitch streamer before she rose to fame in the Hot Tub category. Her social media posts were largely vlogs, music, and games.

Jenelle took to Twitter on November 21st, 2017 to express her feelings about Twitch and the content that was permitted.

Here’s what she had to say:
“I’m ashamed to say Twitch is a platform that supports lazy females selling their bodies for cash. You are teaching little girls to sell s** cuz that’s what’s popular. Make them wear t-shirts and pants.”

To say the least, considering the current situation, the tweet did not age well. As soon as the tweet was resurrected, it spread like wildfire on social media. Several individuals have alleged that Indiefoxx has been removing their tweets on the situation.

During a live stream, she was also heard repeating the exact opposite of her previous comments. While responding to the comments in the video,

here’s what she had to say:
“A win for me is where I could wear a tee-shirt and actually have people give a s***. But, you know what, I can’t. When I wear a tee-shirt I go down to 300 subs for no reason. All the little changes, like dressing up, putting on the charade, doing the thing has made my stream more successful.”

Given the current situation, it appears that her platform idea of “lazy females selling their bodies for cash” has been blown away.

On a parting note, she had this to say:

“However, it has not made me mentally okay with what I believe the entertainment industry is. Because this isn’t really what women are, this isn’t really what people are like, it is not real, it’s bull****.”

With netizens split in their viewpoints, it will be interesting to see how things play out. Given that this is Indiefoxx’s fifth ban, things aren’t looking good right now.

People are outraged as a result of the banning and are holding Twitch responsible for allowing such video to be allowed under the ASMR category for so long.

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