Is it possible to play Free Fire game without download game?


With each passing day, Free Fire gains more and more supporters. Players can now participate in a variety of in-game events to win amazing prizes as part of the game’s 4th anniversary celebrations.

If players log in on August 28, 2021, they can also claim a new character, Thiva, for free.

Now that preregistration for Free Fire Max is about to begin, more gamers can try out Free Fire on the Google Play Store before committing to preregistration. They may try out the gameplay of Free Fire without having to download the popular Battle Royale game.

Free Fire via Google Play Instant

Free Fire can be enjoyed using Google Play Instant (Image via Google Play Store)

The Google Play Store includes a selection of games with demos that gamers may try out before purchasing the game. This allows mobile gamers to get a taste of the game before deciding whether or not to buy it. Two similar games include Call of Duty: Mobile and Free Fire.

How to play Free Fire using Google Play Instant?

Players can follow the steps given below to enjoy Free Fire without downloading it:

Step 1: Mobile gamers need to open the Google Play Store.

Step 2: They need to search for Garena Free Fire – 4nniversary.

Step 3: Users will then have to click on the Try Now button.

Players need to click on “Try Now” if they want to enjoy the demo (Image via Google Play Store)

Step 5: After clicking Try Now, gamers will be able to play a 2-minute demo Battle Royale game. The enemies can be simply eliminated, and the Free Fire demo match can be easily won.

Step 4: Players will be prompted to download the game after trying it out.

Note: In order to play Free Fire, players must verify that they have a stable internet connection.

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