Is Otho’s character in Free Fire better than DJ Alok’s? Comparing abilities


Free Fire has finally made Otho available for purchase. He, like Moco and Shirou, has the ability to reveal the position of enemies. But the real question is, “Is he better than DJ Alok?”

Can this newbie surpass one of the game’s oldest characters, given his unique ability and relationship to death? Continue reading to find out.

Otho vs. DJ Alok: Explained Abilities

“Death is merely another learning experience,” says Otho.

Otho is the most recent addition to Free Fire. His Memory Mist passive ability will be useful for tracking down opponents who are dispersed. When an adversary is defeated, his skill activates, revealing the location of any surviving adversaries within a given radius.

Enemies within 25 meters of the elimination spot will be revealed at level one. The radius of the ability will rise to 50 meters when maxed out at level 6. The information will be shared with teammates as well, allowing them to rapidly track down the stragglers.

2) DJ Alok – “I’ve always wanted to bring people brightness.”

DJ Alok is one of Free Fire’s “original” personalities. He was introduced to the game in November 2019 and quickly became a fan favorite. Since the beginning, his active ability Drop the Beat has been a fan favorite. It emits a 5-meter aura that speeds up movement and recovers 5 HP every second.

The ability lasts 5 seconds at level 1 and improves movement speed by 10%. When you reach level 6, your power lasts 10 seconds and your movement speed rises by 15%. Along with the HP recovery, the aura radius is set at 5 meters. The cooldown for this ability is 45 seconds. Otho vs. DJ Alok: Free Fire Combat Uses 1) Otho

The ability of Otho is more of a tactical benefit than a fighting advantage. It focuses on locating and revealing the opponents’ locations. Players, on the other hand, can take advantage of this by planning from which angle to approach their target.

2) Alok, the DJ

DJ Alok’s ability provides direct combat boosts. It focuses on rapid movement and healing on the go. During rushes in Free Fire, the ability excels at buffing allies and keeping them safe.

Otho is a good character in Free Fire for locating the enemy’s position. However, compared to direct speed boosts and active healing, he falls short of being better than DJ Alok.

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