Is the next Free Fire character’s ability greater than Time Turner’s? Chrono vs Leon: Is the upcoming Free Fire character’s


Leon is one of two new Free Fire characters coming to the battle royale game in the near future. The ability of this new character was previously tested on the OB30 Advance Server.

Players will most likely be able to obtain Leon through an event in Free Fire. If mobile gamers try to get the character right now, they’ll get this message:

Chrono’s skills were significantly nerfed in the OB30 update, to the dismay of many players. The powers of Chrono and Leon are compared in this article to see if the latter is more strong than the former.

Chrono and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

Chrono has an active skill called Time Turner that lasts three to five seconds (minimum) (maximum). At the first level, the cooldown duration is 250 seconds, and at the sixth level, it is 220 seconds.

Players may now block 600 damage from foes with this ability. Players’ movement speed is additionally increased by 5% at the beginning and 10% at the end of the game with Time Turner.

Leon and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

If the player is victorious at the end of a combat encounter, Leon assists in the recovery of HP. Buzzer Beat is Leon’s inactive ability.

Which Free Fire character is the best?

Chrono is better than Leon (Image via Free Fire)

Leon is a good character in aggressive matches, but he isn’t as powerful as Chrono. Time Turner lets players block damage while also increasing their movement speed, making it more difficult for foes to aim and shoot.

Furthermore, whereas Buzzer Beat is a passive ability, Time Turner is an active one. As a result, Chrono’s single major flaw is that it has a long cooldown, which means that players can’t use it as frequently as they’d want.

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