Is your data being sent to Chinese servers by Battlegrounds Mobile India? Krafton clarifies the situation.


Is the Battlegrounds Mobile India game transmitting data from Indian users to Chinese servers? Krafton discusses the current situation and what the firm aims to do in terms of player privacy and security on the platform.

According to a recent revelation, Battlegrounds Mobile India is transmitting data from Indian players to Chinese servers. That was problematic, given that doing so could result in the game being banned in India. To recall, the Indian authorities banned PUBG Mobile in September for the same reason. The authorities was concerned at the time that the Chinese software was transmitting user data from India to Chinese servers. Krafton has finally responded to the issue of Battlegrounds Mobile India users’ data being shared with Chinese servers.

In the previous few days, various media publications and ministers have raised the problem, prompting Krafton to publish a response. The “data shared with third parties is simply to enable specific game features,” according to the game developer.

“Krafton will continue to thoroughly monitor and protect any data being sent to unexpected and restricted IP addresses prior to the official launch,” the game creator said in a statement to the media.

Date sharing policy for Battlegrounds Mobile India
“Krafton is implementing the industry’s strictest standards for data security and is striving to overcome any gaps during the Early Access testing period, in preparation for the full launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India,” the game developer explained. Meanwhile, Krafton is well aware of the current data handling concerns surrounding the Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access test.”


“Like other global mobile games and apps, Battlegrounds Mobile India also employs third-party solutions to give unique gaming features,” Krafton added. Some game data was shared with third parties as a result of adopting these solutions.”

“The privacy policy for Battlegrounds Mobile India properly discloses that the app may move some user data if users agree to the policy and choose to migrate their accounts. According to the game developer, “no data has been exchanged in breach of the privacy policy.”

The Battlegrounds Mobile India beta is now available to everyone in India. The stable build’s release date has yet to be determined. So stay tuned for that.

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