“It was a terrific moment,” Kane Williamson says of his viral photo with Virat Kohli.


Kane Williamson has spoken out about the photo of him hugging Virat Kohli shortly after winning the World Test Championship final, which has gone viral. It was a ‘wonderful moment,’ according to the New Zealand skipper, that toasted their friendship above and beyond the outcome of the ultimate Test match.

Kane Williamson, who was arguably the most significant player in New Zealand’s 8-wicket victory over India, also praised his ‘wonderful’ opponents for their demeanor in loss. According to him, the Indian players’ mindset is as unique as their talent.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s perhaps another thing – going into a final, there’s emotion, both teams are pushing and want to get across the line and you have a fantastic side like India but also the way they are playing their cricket. I’m sure that’s something the public can relate to, in India and around the world. Coming off second in this one and, you know, the way they hold themselves as the ambassadors of the game is I think, an equally special thing to the talents that they bring,” Kane Williamson told India Today.

Kane Williamson, speaking about his well-publicized friendship with Indian captain Virat Kohli, which dates back to the duo’s Under-19 days, said that sports in general provide a tremendous opportunity to form friendships with both teammates and opponents all around the world. He continued, ”

“It was a great moment, you know, toe to toe, and obviously, Virat and I have known each other for a long time and we’re mates. And that’s always a great part of sport as well that over the years you get the opportunity to meet people all around the world, form these different friendships through these different experiences you have had either together or against each other and often find a bit of common ground and share a few common interests and that’s quite special.”

Kane Williamson was not only at the crease when Ross Taylor scored the winning runs, but his courageous 177-ball 49 in the first innings also provided an easy road for his team in the match.

“I was trying to tell the boys to be cool, but they weren’t paying attention.” Kane Williamson is a New Zealand rugby player who has made a name for himself

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Kane Williamson also discussed his team’s joyous celebrations following their Test victory. The respectful captain claimed that he was attempting to keep the celebrations under control, but that his teammates would not listen to him at the time. He recognized that the reaction was mostly a result of New Zealand’s recent string of tight losses.

“I was trying to tell the guys to just keep calm but they weren’t listening to me much. There was a lot of elation, I suppose, and there was a whole mix of feelings and emotions. You mentioned a number of our past experiences and there were a number of guys involved in all of those and there were some that weren’t and so I think everyone felt a little bit different,” he said.

“For me, being involved with the team as a leader the focus is often on but the team as a whole and perhaps the bigger picture on how it’s tracking and trying to operate in that space as well as you can. The rewards that come or don’t, for me, are by-products of that,” Kane Williamson signed off.

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