Jim Ross reveals there was “casual discussion” about a huge celebrity winning his first WWE championship.


Winning a world title in any wrestling promotion is a significant accomplishment, but it is especially so in the WWE. Every superstar dreams of winning the WWE Championship, and today’s superstars have two world crowns to contend for.

WWE, on the other hand, has employed a number of excellent wrestlers who have never won the company’s top award. One of these names is the contentious Ahmed Johnson.

In the mid-1990s, the former Intercontinental Champion was a popular figure, and it seemed only natural that he should win a global championship at some point. Johnson’s WWE career, however, went downhill, and he was released in 1998.

Jim Ross claimed on a recent episode of the Grilling JR podcast that there was’some casual chatter’ backstage in the WWE about Ahmed Johnson winning the world title.

Johnson won his biggest match of his career at King of the Ring in 1996, when he defeated Goldust for the IC title. WWE was aware of Johnson’s potential as a world champion, according to JR

“There was some discussion about it because of how outstanding he appeared. And it’s plausible. His race didn’t harm him though, as a black WWE Champion and WWF Champion is long overdue. The opportunity had presented itself “Jim Ross made a point.

There were things that he needed to catch up on: JR on Ahmed Johnson’s WWE run

Johnson had the proper appearance and passion for a world champion, according to the well-respected announcer. He also stated that the star’s ethnicity will not be a hindrance in his ascension to the top.

Ahmed Johnson, according to Ross, was unfamiliar with the foundations and psychology of wrestling, and despite negotiations, WWE never pursued the volatile superstar:

“Ahmed was unaware that if you lower your arm three times, the game is over. There were certain things he needed to brush up on in terms of basic psychology, but there was some debate. This guy has the appearance of a champion. Take a look at him. The ferocity. The expression on his face. His expressions on the face. His entire body. So there was some light conversation, but I wouldn’t call it anything more than that, at least not in my opinion. a casual conversation, “Ross confessed the truth.

Johnson said in a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Defined that Vince McMahon wanted to put the WWE title on him and that he was heartbroken when things didn’t go as planned:

“Man, that broke my heart. That shattered my heart, to tell you the truth. I heard that [Vince McMahon] was going to put the big strap [WWE Championship] on me before I went even before I left. Things didn’t work out, so I had to take a walk. “I had to leave the group,” Johnson explained.
What are your feelings on Ahmed Johnson’s WWE career? Let us know in the comments section below.

What are your thoughts about Ahmed Johnson and his WWE run? Let us know in the comments section below.

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