July sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing games have a very realistic rotation in terms of the presence of certain flora and fauna in the game. Most of the gameplay elements in Animal Crossing are seasonal, which means that they are available only during certain times of the year.

As the month of July has just begun, a lot of new sea creatures will be gradually arriving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and some other creatures will be taking their leave.

For those with an inclination towards catching sea creatures, July will be a pretty ripe time, as they will get to catch some exquisite specimen and make some good money.

The following is a list of all the sea species that players can catch in July (particularly with the fishing tournament approaching):

Sea Grapes: Sea Grapes are a rather easy catch that may fetch 900 Bells if sold. They are immobile and available all day.

Sea Star: These are also stationary, and catching one will get you 500 Bells if you sell it. Sea Stars, like Sea Grapes, are available throughout the day. Urchin of the Sea: This form of the Sea Urchin is only available from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m., and it moves at a normal pace, unlike the Sea Urchin. These are worth 2000 Bells if caught. Marine Anemone: This motionless sea creature is also available throughout the day and can be sold for 500 Bells. Jellyfish of the Moon: These are one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ most stunning sea species, and they’re available all day. These are worth 600 Bells if caught. Slug of the Sea: Sea Slugs are small and hard to spot, thus they may not be a profitable catch in and of themselves. They can, however, fetch a whopping 600 Bells if caught. The Pearl Oyster is something that players should try to catch. Pearl oysters are one of the fastest with a medium shadow size.

 If caught, these can fetch 2800 Bells.Mussel: Yet another easy and profitable catch, this immobile sea creature can fetch 1500 Bells. Easy money.Scallop: Available throughout the day, scallops are yet another profitable catch, and can fetch 1200 Bells if sold.Whelk: Somewhat of a sea snail and available all day, Whelks are quite profitable, as catching one can fetch 1000 Bells easily.Abalone: Available only from 4 PM to 9 AM, Abalone are a little difficult to catch. But if caught, these can fetch 2000 Bells.Gigas Giant Clam: Now here is a monster catch for those who want a little thrill in the chase. Although they are large, Giant Clams are really fast and tough to catch. But catching one can fetch 15000 Bells.Octopus: One of the more common sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these can fetch 1200 Bells if sold

Vampire Squid: Now this one is again one of the most exoptic-looking sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Really fast and tough to catch, these can fetch 10000 Bells in the market.Gazami Crab: One of the more common sea creatures, these are found all day and are worth 2200 Bells if sold.Acorn Barnacle: Immobile and available all day, the Acorn Barnacle might help in making some quick money as these are worth 600 Bells if sold.Tiger Prawn: Available only from 4 PM to 9 AM, Tiger Prawns are a great catch and are worth 3000 Bells if sold.Mantis Shrimp: Much like the Tiger Prawn, these are available only from 4 PM to 9 AM, but are worth 2500 Bells, which is a little less than the former.Giant Isopod: Yet another exquisite catch, the Giant Isopod is fast, and available only from 9 PM to 4 AM, and from 9 AM to 4 PM. But catching one can fetch 12000 Bells.

A Giant Isopod from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image via Animal Crossing wiki)
A Giant Isopod from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image via Animal Crossing wiki)

Horseshoe Crab: Yet another common specimen, this one is available from 9 PM to 4 AM (making them difficult to catch) and are worth 2500 Bells.Sea Pineapple: Immobile and available all day, this one can also help players make quick money as they are worth 1500 Bells if sold.Spotted Green eel: These are genuinely very beautiful and are available from 4 AM to 9 PM. If caught, these can fetch 1100 Bells.

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