Kolkata Finals of the Free Fire City Open: Winners, MVP, Prize Pool Distribution, and More


Today was the last day of the Kolkata Finals of the Free Fire Club Open 2021. The ultimate Champions were the Head Hunters. The team earned a spot in the National Championship, which will be held on August 15th.

Head Hunters led the way with 43 kills and 86 points after six matches in the finals. Rule B Assassin Clutchgods took second place with 25 kills and 66 points.

Sixth Sense, which was acquired by TSM.FTX today, did not qualify, finishing fifth with 53 points. They were only 3 points short.

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TanejaOp of the Head Hunters was named MVP after causing 6625 damage and taking 16 kills.

The second to fourth-placed teams will have another chance to qualify for the National Championship by competing in the regional play-ins.

Kolkata Finals of the Free Fire City Open Match Standings:

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Invinclibles Esports won the opening match, which was contested on the classic Bermuda map, with seven frags. With seven frags, LA Gaming took second place. Despite being eliminated early, Rule Breakers managed to rack up six kill points.

The second match, contested on Purgatory, was won by Assassin Clutchgods with nine kills, followed by Head Hunters and Rule Breakers with eight and nine frags, respectively.

Head Hunters won the third match, which was contested on Kalahari, with 12 kills. With ten eliminations, Sixth Sense came in second. High Five was extremely aggressive in its play, racking up a total of 16 kills.

Assassin Clutchgods won the fourth match again, although this time with only three frags. In the match, Sixth Sense had six kills.

In the sixth match, Old Generation clinched the Booyah with five frags. MP Gamer from the Old Generation was named MVP after defeating four opponents.

Team Fab won the sixth and final match of the day with 10 kills. With 8 frags, Head Hunters came in second.

The following is the prize pool allocation for the Free Fire City Open Kolkata Finals:

Head Hunters – Champion – 1,000,000 INR

Rule Breakers – 1st Runner-Up – 50,000 INR

Assassin Clutchgods, 2nd Runner-Up – 25,000 INR

Old Generation – 4th Place – 25,000 INR

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