Kyle Jamieson spills the beans on what really transpired at RCB with Virat Kohli.


Kyle Jamieson has spoken out about his now-famous encounter with Virat Kohli, denying that the Indian captain asked him to bowl with the Dukes ball during the IPL 2021 season.

Dan Christian detailed how Virat Kohli had cheekily asked Kyle Jamieson to bowl to him with the Dukes ball in the nets, and the tale made headlines in the build-up to the World Test Championship final.

Kyle Jamieson, on the other hand, recently corrected the record. He told Sporting News that the interaction wasn’t nearly as intriguing as it was made out to be:

“No, it wasn’t so much him asking. I think it was Dan just sort of adding some stuff for a good story. We were just talking about it at the start of the IPL with the cricket coming up with our UK tour and theirs as well and I mentioned that I had some Dukes balls, he had some Dukes balls as well.”

Kyle Jamieson went on to describe the chat he had with Virat Kohli. He insisted that the Indian captain was not attempting to dupe him into bowling to the right-handed batsman. He continued, ”

“He just said look at the back end if we want to do some training, we’ll do that but there was no specificity around me bowing to him or, or giving him a look, but whether he was insinuating something that’s something he could tell you but obviously quite a funny story that’s unfolded.”

Kyle Jamieson is mum on whether his RCB experience helped him beat Kohli.

Kyle Jamieson had a fantastic World Test Championship final, claiming Man of the Match for his efforts.

At the Ageas Bowl in Southampton, he bowled Virat Kohli in both innings, and Jamieson admitted it was fun to play against his IPL captain:

“Yeah, it was good, obviously, just being in the change room with him for six or so weeks was pretty cool. He’s a world-class player and just to spend time observing how he operates and how he goes about things both on and off the field was pretty cool and you know it’s nice just to be able to be friendly out in the middle even just having a bit of a laugh and a joke, while the game was going on.”

While many believe Kyle Jamieson’s time with the Royal Challengers Bangalore helped him beat Virat Kohli, the Kiwi pacer isn’t so sure:

“There wasn’t too much specificity around in there having a game but yeah just nice to obviously have that relationship with someone I guess of his stature in the game. I don’t know if that helped specifically around different queues and stuff but wasn’t something that I necessarily contemplated.”

Jamieson added:

“I think anytime you get to spend time with different world-class guys you sort of grow in confidence, you learn and become a bit more, I guess, comfortable, we come up against different guys so yeah, certainly, I guess from that perspective.”

Kyle Jamieson has returned to England after his World Test Championship triumphs, and the lanky bowler is currently playing for Surrey in the T20 Blast.

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