Lionel Messi’s La Liga Registration Has Raised Concerns At Barcelona


Messi’s contract with Barcelona is slated to expire at the end of the month, giving him the option to leave and join another club, but he has yet to sign a new contract.

According to reports in Spain, the club captain is set to sign a new contract soon, but that does not necessarily guarantee he will be allowed to play in the league next season.

La Liga president Javier Tebas has warned that unless the Catalan giants reduce their wages, they would be unable to register Messi’s contract because they will have exceeded the league salary cap.

“Barcelona’s wage cap has been exceeded,” Tebas said on Monday. “I hope they can maintain Messi, but they will have to make sacrifices elsewhere.”

Messi was integral to Barcelona once again last season despite questions over his future persisting. Image: PA Images
Despite the fact that worries about his future lingered, Messi remained an important part of Barcelona’s success last season. Image courtesy of PA Images

Tebas did give the situation some optimism, noting, “The severity of the issue is determined by their ability to generate resources.

“Barca’s debt needs to be restructured. If they succeed, the situation will not be dangerous.

“They have, nevertheless, pushed their wage bill to the limit. And they haven’t wanted to suffer the loss of income when football has coughed — or, to put it another way, perforated a lung. They need to take action.”

Before being lowered because to the Covid 19 outbreak, Barcelona’s salary for the 2019/20 season totaled €671 million.

The salary cap in La Liga for the 2020/21 season was €382.7 million, which meant Barca required wage flexibility.

Depay could have joined Barca last summer but has moved this summer instead. Image: PA Images
Depay had the option to join Barca last summer, but opted to transfer this summer instead. Image courtesy of PA Images

While they were able to compete at those levels, they were denied the opportunity to sign Memphis Depay, which they did this summer.

Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia have also joined Ronald Koeman’s team from Manchester City, with neither requiring a transfer fee.

Barca failed not win any silverware in the 2019/20 season, which was the first time since 2008, although did win the Copa del Rey the previous season.

But that wasn’t the only honor they received; Tebas also gave them the award for the most losses.

“”Other major teams have made a stronger effort to avoid it,” the league director noted. “Half of the €700 million losses [across La Liga] is for Barcelona.” Real Madrid has made a laudable effort to guarantee that their losses are not the same as Barcelona’s, who have been awarded the title for their losses.”

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