List of activities that can result in a permanent account ban by Garena.


Hackers and cheats are a growing problem in Free Fire, as they are in all battle royale games. Genuine gamers are finding it difficult to enjoy the game due to the presence of these kind of individuals.

The Free Fire team discovers and bans accounts on a daily basis to minimize the annoyance of cheating and hacking. In order to detect hacks, the developer is currently updating its anti-hacking capabilities.

Free Fire has a dedicated anti-hack team striving to keep the game safe from hackers. The developers are also aiming to get content promotion hacks off of sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Cheaters will have their accounts permanently suspended. Not only will the account be barred from establishing new accounts in Free Fire, but so will the device used to cheat.

In Free Fire, what activities can result in an account being permanently banned?

If players do not want their Free Fire account to be permanently banned, they must not engage in any of the following activities (Source):

Unauthorized third-party programs are used.

Make changes to the game client.

Play on a game client that has been changed.

Make use of functions that aren’t available in the game.

Use software to try to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or hack the official game’s services.

Use software that tries to decrypt or circumvent Garena’s encryption technologies or security measures.

Exploit a flaw in Free Fire for nefarious purposes.
Free Fire encourages its users to keep their account information private. They’re also told to get the game through an authorized app store.


Before an account gets banned in Free Fire, it is thoroughly investigated. So, if you’re a gamer who isn’t afraid, don’t be. However, if there is legitimate proof of cheating, the account will be permanently banned.

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